Patrik Antonius Reveals $500,000 Las Vegas Loss

High-stakes legend Patrik Antonius has had a nightmare July culminating in the lass of half a million dollars and the death of his beloved French bulldog. The likeable Finn made a heartfelt post to his Instagram followers explaining how he had busted his entire bankroll that he had in the USA and was still incredibly upset over the loss of his 13-year-old pet.

By: Mark Patrickson


Sometimes things don’t go as planned..

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The trip had been going as well as could be expected. Antonius was booking a win every single day he played in the smaller games that he plays - 2k/4k and 3k/6k. Then it all started to go wrong when the table decide to boost the stakes up to 6k/12k. As if that wasn’t bad enough, these troubles were accompanied by a severe bout of food poisoning.

In the final session, after almost six hours of play, he had won only one single hand. This is usually an unbelievable scenario but we can trust such a player when he tells us that he made no real mistakes. It was just a case of always having the second best hand and that the way it goes sometimes.

Antonius tells how his mental strength will pull him through this severe downswing and no doubt we will soon see him in one game or another crushing like the man we are used to seeing.


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