Rail Heaven Is Back As HighStakes Run €500/€1000 PLO Cash Game

With most of the other big sites focusing on big live and online MTT series it has been left to HighStakes to provide a home for the big money online cash games, and this past week or two has seen some serious action…

By: Andrew Burnett

With games reaching as big as €500/1000, the HighStakes PLO tables saw completirony take on the likes of Silveroak, nevitup and Handsomeguy in a series of heads-up sessions running throughout the day…

When Silveroak joined the action, he found the going tough against completirony…

Silveroak - rumoured to be a well-known UK pro who now resides in Asia - was the big winner in last week’s nosebleed NLHE games.

Although coming out well-ahead overall, he did come off worse in this nasty run-it-twice hand, losing back more than €26k to NOBLACKJACK

…although those queens were more for him than against him in a couple of other big pots at the €50/100 level…

Back to today’s PLO nosebleeds, and Handsomeguy was another one to take a bit of a beating, this time at €100/200 as the site’s highroller regs moved around the stakes…

There was no sign this week of Marc PlayinWitDreams Kennedy, who recently made a small fortune on the HighStakes tables from the comfort of his hot tub….

The former Full Tilt ambassador’s win included a memorable hand versus the very same completeirony, with silveroak rounding out that 3-handed PLO session.

It wasn’t all one-way traffic of course, but completirony certainly seems able and willing to mix it with the best – and has been eagerly seated and waiting for the biggest games to start every day since.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had such intriguing games to look forward to – and although the return of the old Full Tilt Rail Heaven is perhaps a bit much to ask for, players such as Tom durrrr Dwan and Phil Ivey could do worse than make their online comebacks among this crowd of modern-day online beasts.


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