Stephen Chidwick Makes Call of the Millenium in Triton £1 Million Tournament

British high-stakes tournament star Stephen Chidwick has stunned his peers with an amazing call at the final table of the Triton £1,050,000 buy-in event. The 30-year-old looked like he had run into a tricky spot when chip leader Vivek Rajkumar put him all in. He immediately threw all of his remaining timebank tokens into the middle and the crowd expected a long think before being stunned by what turned out to be a quick call.

By: Mark Patrickson

With only seven players left at the table Rajkumar opens from the button with As 8c and Chidwick defends Jd 5d.

The flop comes Jc 9s 4h and Chidfwick check-calls.

The turn is the Qs and Chidwick once again check-calls.

The river is the 6h and Chidwick checks. Rajkumar thinks for a short while before shoving his stack into the middle putting Chidwick to the test for his tournament life.

Chidwick ends up making a quick call with second pair no kicker, but what was incredible is that he could have easily folded his way to an extra £1.3 million in prize money if he wanted to play it safe. He knew exactly what he was doing once he’d given it a little thought.


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