Eden Poker Rises to the Top of Mobile Poker Highstakes Action

It has been a rocky ride for mobile poker-room apps since they burst onto the scene a few years ago, but a new name has emerged recently – EdenPoker – who appear to have ironed out the problems that plagued its rivals…

By: Andrew Burnett

HighStakesDB were the first to report on the rapid rise of the Asian-based networks and have followed the ups and downs ever since.

The model is pretty simple, an ostensibly play money app where go-between agents organise social poker clubs, using tokens or gems as a currency that – separate to the networks who host the games - become real money through the agents that organise the actual games.

The private online games and social poker apps, PokerMaster and PPPoker two of the best known, took big hits to their reputation when the Chinese government imposed a ban affecting mobile poker apps.

Throw in allegations of club agents disappearing with funds, as well as accusations of collusion and bots proliferating the games, and trust in the social poker app market hit rock bottom.

Every cloud has a silver lining, of course, and for the networks and mobile app poker clubs that could rise above the mess, there is a huge need waiting to be fulfilled – millions of people on millions of mobile phones, all wanting to play poker.

Enter EdenPoker, a relatively new poker-room app that has introduced innovative and unique methods to combat these problems, thereby gaining a huge following very quickly.

Preaching zero tolerance for bots and collusion, the app includes live video, allowing you to request to view your opponent’s face! No real wiggle-room there for the bot-farms or many other forms of cheating.

Another authentication factor is aimed at collusion, one of the most worrying aspects of the game for many. EdenPoker included a compulsory showdown in their rules.

Those times you feel you’ve been pushed out of pots way too often by the same players is now apparent almost immediately. This forces colluders to find other, rapidly-disappearing options for their cheating, and there are certainly much softer targets than EdenPoker.

One of the surest signs that a poker-room is kosher, is when the highrollers put their money up, and EdenPoker now boasts most of the highstakes app-based games – the incredibly exciting and popular Short Deck a particular favourite, and played at shockingly high stakes.

Naming names in private games of this magnitude isn’t the done thing, but we can say that ‘sources close to HSDB’ have shared information that some of the biggest names in the world of poker use EdenPoker.

You can take it as read that those who make up the huge live private games around the world are also among those who have been indulging their love of the same invite-only highstakes action on EdenPoker.

In general, players are able to set up pretty much any game and stakes they want through their agents, and from a technical perspective the game-play itself is clear and very efficient, added functionality on Eden another of the big attractions over its rivals.

The fact that PLO is now a standard offering makes it much more appealing of course – those who recall the OG apps ‘way back’ in 2017 were stuck with NLHE, and some still are.

The $million question (and that can be taken literally for some of the games running) is…how do you get yourself into the games?

HSDB has established a connection with the master agents for EdenPoker who can be contacted via email: edenpoker@asia.com.


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