partypoker Seize $76,267 and €88,351 from 121 Bot Accounts

partypokers war on bots continues apace with the news that 121 fraudulent accounts were closed down in July - $76,267 and €88,351 seized across its .com and .eu offerings…

By: Andrew Burnett

The red diamond site launched their offensive in April this year, a dedicated Poker Fraud Team comprised of former professionals heading the drive to make the site the safest place to play online poker.

July’s figures saw 89 accounts closed from the .com licence, the largest number since the transparent policy was implemented. Those 89 accounts produced $76,267 in seized funds, which has already been redistributed to players.

Similarly, players on the .eu licence will have 32 fewer bot accounts to face, with €88,351 confiscated and on its way to the affected parties.

The table below shows the number of bot accounts shut down and the respective money seized since the beginning of April…

  .com .eu
April 39  $143,908 55  €34,456
May 33  $46,805 9  €3598
June 63  $24,257 4  €8,888
July 89  $76,267 32  €88,351

partypoker have urged players to report suspicious activity via, with the site promising to investigate all incidents reported - player suspicions so far responsible for about 1 in 5 bot closures.

In combination with its specialist Poker Fraud Team, the results have been encouraging so far in the bid to clamp down on the cheats, partypoker pledging to keep players updated on a monthly basis.


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