Sam Trickett Pulls Off Mighty Bluff in Triton £1 Million Super High Roller

Sam Trickett has made one of the bluffs of the decade against Bryn Kenney and Stephen Chidwick. The hand took place in the recent Triton Super High Roller in London with a buy-in of £1 million.

By: Mark Patrickson

While bluffs are two a penny in the hyper-aggressive world of high-stakes poker, this one stands out for a few different reasons. Firstly, Bryn Kenney has recently become the live tournament winner with the most prize money. Stephen Chidwick is also thought to currently be the best live tournament player on the planet by many of his peers. And the tournament is obviously a special case with it breaking the buy-in record for a poker tournament.

For Trickett to have the stones to pull off this move with all these factors in place, makes it an exceptional feat. But he should know that there are plenty of ways to utilise Free Bets in order to boost your bank roll. The hand starts off with Chidwick opening Jc 8c from the HJ. Trickett calls with Ac Jd in the SB and Kenney calls with 8h 6c in the BB.

The flop comes down 7c 4c 3c and all players check.

The turn is the Js giving Trickett and Chidwick top pair. All players check once again.

The river is the 7s pairing the board, and now it gets interesting.

Trickett leads out for ⅓ pot with his nut flush blocker. Kenney doesn’t seem impressed and makes a large airball raise to get him off a jack betting for thin value. Chidwick now spices up the action by flat calling, and risking Trickett coming right back over the top, which is exactly what happens.

Trickett jams his remaining 469,000 chips into the pot of 265,000 with both Kenney and Chidwick having him covered. Kenney obviously folds quickly, but Chidwick now begins the staredown. He has a flush and isn’t going away so easily.

After throwing in one of his timebanks chips Chidwick does eventually fold the best hand and Trickett has this hand immortalised forever on YouTube. A fantastically well played hand from the Brit.


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