Lukas Zaskodny Scoops partypoker MILLIONS Europe Main Event for €906,770

Lukas Zaskodny was crowned partypoker MILLIONS Europe Main Event champion last night, the Czech player defeating compatriot Josef Snejberg after a heads-up deal to claim €906,770 and the trophy…

By: Andrew Burnett

The final table of eight at Kings Casino saw some big names doing battle – partypoker’s own Team pro Roberto Romanello, chasing the €1million up top.

With three Czech players in the mix, hopes of a home victory were high as they set out, but Charlie Carrel – one of the three Brits who made it - had different ideas, his pocket kings dashing Rastislav Paleta’s title dreams.

The raising war from early position saw Paleta all-in and at risk…

Paleta: Q♣ Q♥
Carrel: K♥ K♠
Board: J♠ 7♠ 6♥ J♦ 3♣

…but a well-earned 8th place and lifetime-best €100,000 payday for Paleta.

That, however, would be the last happy hand for the overnight chip leader, as Carrel took three big hits in succession – losing 10♥ 10♣ vs Schleser’s A♠ K♣, then A♥ Q♥ vs Romanello’s A♣ K♣ and another race with 7♦ 7♣ vs Snejberg’s A♦ J♥.

Finally all-in and at risk, the young Englishman couldn’t catch a break – his “high expectations” for the final table dashed by that man Snejberg again…

Carrel: K♣ Q♥
Snejberg: 9♣ 9♥
Board: J♥ 2♦ 7♠ A♥ 4♥

The Welsh Wizard Roberto Romanello had scooped a few decent pots throughout the final day’s play, but when it came to the big one for his tournament life, the river had other ideas…

Romanello: 9♠ 9♥
Lewis: Q♥ J♥
Board: K♥ 10♣ 8♣ 4♠ A♥

Romanello had made it all the way to 6th place and €170,000 from a mere $109 online buy-in, the partypokerLIVE initiative working out almost perfectly for the Welshman.

With both Carrel and Romanello out, the British challenge for partypoker MILLIONS Live Europe Main Event glory came to an end when Sam Grafton joined them.

Grafton lost a huge pot to Lukas Zaskodny when the Czech player was at risk and behind on the pre-flop all-in, and then when the roles were reversed, Grafton again came off second best…

Grafton: K♣ Q♣
Zaskodny: 7♦ 7♣
Board: Q♠ 9♦ 7♠ 5♥ A♣

Slow-playing aces accounted for Austria’s Severin Schleser in 4th spot, the blind-on-blind play backfiring when Zaskodny flopped two pair. The chips went in on the turn…

Schleser: A♠ A♦
Zaskodny: Q♣ 4♥
Board: Q♠ 10♥ 4♠ 8♥ J♣

…and Schleser was out but had turned his $109 partypoker satellite into a massive €300,000 cash.

Frenchman Lewis had ridden his luck uncountable times during the final table, but eventually it ran out – all-in and behind to Josef Snejberg.

Lewis: K♣ 9♥
Snejberg: A♠ J♣
Board: A♣ 7♥ 4♠ 9♠ 5♣

3rd place and €428,000 for Lewis, and we were heads-up for the Main Event title between Lukas Zaskodny and Josef Snejberg – a deal softening that big prize-money gap, but an extra €100k and the trophy still to play for.

Snejberg had one real chance to topple his countryman, needing a spade on the river, but it didn’t appear and after a tough battle it was Zaskodny who emerged victorious…

Zaskodny: 10♥ 10♣
Snejberg: A♠ 10♦
Board: 6♣ J♣ 5♦ 5♥ 6♦

Final table payouts

1 Lukas Zaskodny €906,770
2 Josef Snejberg €718,230
3 Romain Lewis €428,000
4 Severin Schleser €300,000
5 Sam Grafton €220,000
6 Roberto Romanello €170,000
7 Charlie Carrel €130,000
8 Rastislav Paleta €100,000



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