Jungleman Stuns the Rail with Epic Fold

Dan Jungleman Cates has done it again and pull off one of his sickest folds yet. The American heads-up specialist is already famed for finding sick spots do fold strong hands on the river but this time he has truly excelled.

By: Mark Patrickson

The hand in question is from the Triton £100,000 Main Event in London, UK. Cates was up against well-known Malaysian-Chinese high-stakes player Paul Phua who may just have given the game away with his table talk while Cates was thinking.

The hand started with Cates opening small from the HJ with AsJh and Phua cold calling with 3d3c in the CO.

The flop comes down AhAd3h. Cates bets out for only one quarter pot and Phua calls to slowplay his full house. This hand is already looking like it could be responsible for Cates’ exit, who will be thinking he almost certainly has the best hand.

The turn is the 6c. Cates now bets one third pot with only 16% equity. Phua once again calls.

The river is the 9d. Cates surprisingly doesn’t switch gears and once again fires around one third pot. Phua now thinks for a while, and so he should because he has the weakest full house and if he jams he’s only beating a bare ace. Eventually he does jam and puts Jungleman in for the rest of his chips.

Cates now goes into the tank. This is the final table of a high-profile event and it’s make or break with this decision. After running out of time bank tokens Phua interrupts Cates’ train of thought to remind of that fact. Cates seems to pick up on something and makes a huge laydown, stunning the commentators.


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