LLinusLLove Tells All About His Move to Live Poker

Linus LLinusLLove Loeliger made his name as an online cash game wizard, but has recently been edging his way into the live scene. The 25-year-old Swiss national has been getting in on the action at the Triton Montenegro series and found time to give a short interview to let the fans know a little about how he got to where he is today.

By: Mark Patrickson

As is the case with many players, Loeliger started in poker as an 18-year-old while he was still at school. After finishing his education, six months into an internship was enough to make him realise that a normal life wasn’t going to be for him, and professional poker beconned. An impromptu move to Malta with only a few clothes and a laptop was the change his life forever.

By the beginning of 2016 everything started to click and he finally arrived at high-stakes ready to do battle with the best cash game players on the planet. The thought of playing in the same arena as his idol Tom “durrrr” Dwan must have been super exciting.

Sharing his thoughts on what games he likes, Loeliger expressed a desire to be able to grind more hands of heads-up NL and PLO. The problem being that those variants are pretty much dead these days. As he has now started to turn up at more live events, especially the Triton series, it would have been natural to pick up the new and popular short deck NL game. Unexpectedly, he thinks it isn’t quite as sophisticated as others with far too many all-ins. Plenty of action, yes, but this isn’t the only hallmark of a great game.

For the future Loeliger will be seen at more live events, but probably not as many as his fans would hope. The schedule is exhausting and he finds it too difficult to get into a good routine.


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