Jungleman Mixing It With The Recs

Dan Jungleman Cates has been taking a break from the high-stakes arena and mixing it up with a handful of regular players. The heads-up legend posted a video on his instagram showing him sat with what appears to be a bunch of random people and less than $150 in front of him.

By: Mark Patrickson

As if this situation wasn’t random enough, dance music legend Steve Aoki, one of the highest earners in the world for that genre, was also sat at the table playing for chump change.

The chips show that the game took place in the MGM Grand Casino, with the $25 denominations still covered in Mayweather versus Pacquiao advertising, indicating that maybe everyone had been out for the night to watch the boxing. There were plenty of dressed up partygoers milling around giving off that impression.

“Had a skirmish with big-time player 'Hollywood Haxton' aka the 'Dark Prince' of poker aka Ike Haxton.”

It was never going to last though, was it. A few nights off to recover and Jungleman was back where he belongs - doing battle with Ike Haxton at a high-stakes PLO table. No Bobby’s Room this time, but at least the stakes were interesting.

It is plain to see that Jungleman thrives in this kind of poker environment with a bit of hustle and bustle nearby. Definitely one of poker’s more interesting characters. Hopefully he can get durrrr back across one of his tables and get the infamous challenge finished at last.


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