Sami 'LarsLuzak' Kelopuro Wins $1.3million in 8 Hours at Online Highstakes

Finnish online poker legend Sami Kelopuro shared details of an incredible $1.3million win from the partypoker cash game tables earlier this month…

By: Andrew Burnett

His winning streak amounting to a phenomenal 65 buy-ins at $100/$200, his biggest winning day at the highstakes cash tables in over a decade.

“I was waiting for party 100/200 PLO HU and an unknown nickname came on the table”, wrote Kelopuro on his LarsLuzak blog on Finnish language website

He added: “It doesn't take long to notice that the guy doesn't know how to play/what to do, but gambles".

Playing under the name ChimneyBarrel, Kelopuro relates in his lengthy blog that he initially ‘ran really bad and lost $85k, adding: ‘the game was so fierce when it started to heat up that it was possible to run out of money before the run turned.’

Eventually it did turn in the Finns favour, though, the following massive pot swinging things in his favour…

…and by the time his anonymous opponent sat out after eight hours of play, there was more than $1.4million in front of the 32-year old online beast.

It might not have ended there, but his opponent couldn’t get more money on the table, Sami explaining: ‘Still he was hanging out at the table and there was certainly a desire to continue, but apparently he was no longer able to get in'.

Kelopuro’s sun-run wasn’t limited to the cash game tables, however, the legendary online pro scooping five $5k MTT’s on one day alone this month, another $400k added to the bankroll.

The Finn was one of the best-known players back in the heyday of online poker, his Full Tilt moniker LarsLuzak a regular in the nosebleed games against the likes of Tom durrrr Dwan, Phil Ivey, Ilari Ziigmund Sahamies and Gus Hansen

At one point Kelopuro was almost $3million in profit against the best in the world but 2009 was a disastrous year for him, a plunge of over $4million

The following year wasn’t much better, and his final Full Tilt graph makes for sad viewing…

Post-Black Friday, Kelopuro took to PokerStars nosebleed games, but again it proved to be a struggle – a $2million hole across seven years, although he was rumoured to have won $millions elsewhere

In recent times, however, Kelopuro has found the winning formula again, stating in his blog, “The year is now up slightly over $2.5m.

As for his opponent who burned through 65 buy-ins, Kelopuro is remaining tight-lipped.

‘I had a clue who this 1.3m guy could be’, he wrote, revealing ‘The list of ‘locomotives’ so sick is quite short…however, I will not reveal anything, I respect the privacy of others, and [his identity] will probably never be certain'.


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