Sergi Reixach Lifts EPT Barcelona €100k SHR Title For €1,816,210

Spains Sergi Reixach lifted the PokerStars EPT Barcelona €100k Super High Roller title in Barcelona, a remarkable comeback against Englands Sam Grafton giving him the trophy and a €1,816,210 payday.

By: Andrew Burnett

The biggest buy-in event of the festival saw 64 entries, the usual suspects complemented by some interesting amateurs – Japanese singer-songrwiter/actor Gakuto Gackt Oshiro the most noteworthy of the latter category.

Among the pros were Finnish legend Patrik Antonius, world number one tournament casher Bryn Kenney, alongside serial highroller pros like Ike Haxton, Charlie Carrel, Michael Zhang, Cary Katz and the Greenwood brothers, Luc and Sam – all chasing potentially huge paydays

Gackt, who has a poker pedigree of sorts having finished 4th on one of the Aria SHR’s back in 2017, acquitted himself admirably, but was taken out by Linus Loeliger on day two.

Linus Loeliger: 9♠ 9♦
Gackt: Q♥ J♦
Board: Q♠ 10♥ 9♣ 4♦ J♣

partypoker’s Kristen Bicknell was another big name to fall as the field was dismantled on a brutal second day’s play, her pocket treys failing to improve against Daniel Dvoress’ fours.

By the time the dust had settled, nine players would return for a third day of SHR fighting, Tsugunari Toma, Steve O’Dwyer and Kahle Burns topping the chip counts with everyone in the money, Dvoress the unfortunate bubble boy last night.

None of the three mentioned would get very close to the title however, O’Dwyer falling in 7th at the hands of Toma, then Toma and Burns KO’d by Sam Grafton in 5th and 4th respectively.

Sergi Reixach had already dealt with the other three, and he’d make it number four when he disposed of Danny Tang in 3rd - a brutal counterfeit on the river after the turn had raised Tang’s hopes…

Tang: A♣ 8♥
Reixach: A♦ Q♦
Board: 2♥ 9♦ 9♣ 8♣ A♠

That meant €847,570 for Tang and more than €3million at stake between Grafton and Reixach, the Englishman holding a big chip lead as heads-up play began.

Grafton looked almost certain of victory as he ground the young Spaniard down to just 12 big blinds, but a fortunate double-up led to a few more hands going Reixach’s way, and it was Grafton on the ropes.

The finale, when it appeared, was a bluff at the wrong time from the Englishman, Reixach calling his pre-flop raise and flop bet…

Grafton: Q♣ 6♠
Reixach: K♦ 8♦
Flop: K♣ J♠ 3♦
Turn: 5♦

…with the play going check-check, it came down to the…

River: 7♥           

…and Grafton’s bluff-shove was quickly called by Reixach with top pair, the trophy staying in Spain, career-best scores for both men by quite some margin.

♠ ♣ ♥ ♦

Final Table Results

1 Sergi Reixach €1,816,210
2 Sam Grafton €1,303,950
3 Danny Tang €847,570
4 Kahle Burns €639,560
5 Tsugunari Toma €496,740
6 Luc Greenwood €384,980
7 Steve O'Dwyer €304,250
8 Rui Ferreira €235,950
9 Mikalai Vaskaboinikau €180,070



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