Jungleman Renames Ike Haxton "Prince of Darkness" After Losing Session

Commitment is what you need to make a long con successful – so says Dan Jungleman Cates, although he is not sure if he is kidding everyone else, or just himself!

By: Andrew Burnett

“It’s going really well”, says Jungleman in his latest ‘Honest Cons’ Instagram post. “I’ve been successfully duping everyone into thinking I’m having a losing session – including maybe myself”.

That losing session is counted in ‘fancy cars’ at Cates’ nosebleed level games at Bobby’s Room in the Bellagio, and so far he’s down about two of them.

For those who have never counted their losses in the currency of fancy cars, that’s about $160k – and the main beneficiary of Cates’ con-trick set-up was not far away.

“I have been continuously losing every pot for the last two and a half hours…partly thanks to Ike Haxton, the Prince of Darkness himself”, Daniel jokingly describing his highstakes friend and foe as “the picture of evil!”

Convincing others is where it’s at when you’re laying a trap apparently, Daniel explaining: “If it wasn’t a good con, you would never get anyone…you gotta commit!"

Unable to stifle the laughter at his predicament, Cates ends with this useful advice for any other ‘honest consters’ out there: “It’s about the big picture, you gotta think about that – the long run!”


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