Jungleman Returns for the Latest Day of his Long Con

Daniel Jungleman Cates has again been entertaining his Instagram followers with coverage from his Long Con series, where he claims to be tactically losing a bunch of his bankroll to trick his opponents into thinking he is a fish. The high-stakes star has been applying his new technique for weeks now, but is still waiting for the upside to begin.

By: Mark Patrickson

Seated with legends such as Ike Haxton, who Jungleman has named the Prince of Darkness, one wonders how much longer this bad run can continue. After losing $40,000 in this latest session Cates reveals that he discovered another $40,000 in his Bellagio account that he didn’t even know existed. How much money do you need to have before you start forgetting about hefty five-figure sums like that?

Dressed all in black, Cates rambles on about taking Haxton’s new title before something about that he should start charging us for this series of monologues. While he’s certainly one of the most popular figures in live poker right now, it’s about time we started getting fresh news about him crushing like we expect to see. Hopefully, him and Tom “durrrr” Dwan will even get their challenge up and running again.


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