Luc Greenwood Wins British Poker Open £10k Title For £119,600

Canadas Luc Greenwood lifted the opening event of the British Poker Open last night, scooping £119,600 in an action-packed tournament, despite the disappointingly small field…

By: Andrew Burnett

With only 26 entries for the two-day £10k NLHE event, five of them came back to fight for just four paid spots, Greenwood barely having time to catch his breath after an exhausting, though lucrative, EPT Barcelona.

“I was pretty exhausted when I came in yesterday", he explained to reporters, adding: “I had a 7:00 a.m. flight from Barcelona and didn’t really sleep. I just slammed some tea and I was good to go.”

Slamming tea isn’t mentioned in any GTO articles I’ve ever seen, but it did the trick as Greenwood found himself in the money, fellow Canadian Mike SirWatts Watson bubbling when Robert Flink managed to spike a king on the turn when dominated in an ace-jack/king-jack battle.

England’s Sam Grafton had high hopes of a home turf victory, but a three-way all-in sent him reeling to the rail, Steve O’Dwyer hitting a third ten on the turn to win a huge pot.

Flink’s exit in 3rd was quite bizarre, involving himself in two huge pots with less than stellar holdings, despite O’Dwyer by now having only 6 BB’s. When Flink’s pocket deuces came a cropper, the Greenwood vs O’Dwyer heads-up finale was booked.

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

That match was destined to go the Canadian’s way, the final hand seeing Greenwood’s K♣ 10♦ coming from behind to topple O’Dwyer’s 10♥ 10♠

Afterwards Greenwood revealed: “Once we got into the money, I won the two big flips and was telling Steve when I won ‘I can’t actually remember the last time I wanted to win’ especially a live tournament. Obviously the money counts for a lot.”

The British Poker Open has ten events on the schedule, including Short Deck tournaments and a Super High Roller Bowl London, and we’ll bring you the best of the action and the biggest winners along the way

Final Table Results:

1 Luc Greenwood £119,600
2 Steve O’Dwyer £72,800
3 Robert Flink £41,600
4 Sam Grafton £26,600



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