Online Gambler Loses £127,000 In 26 Minutes

Although we love pretty much everything casino-related here at HighStakesDB, Ross Kemps latest investigation on online gambling addiction is a cautionary tale we have to share – how a teacher lost £127,000 in just 26 minutes at roulette.

By: Andrew Burnett

Kemp, the former Eastenders actor turned investigative journalist, met up with Alex, a 35-year-old teacher who had to go ‘off the grid’ to escape the online gambling addiction that had cost him not only riches, but relationships, friendships and jobs.

Though most of us who are purely poker-focused will rarely go beyond a certain safety net, we can easily imagine how losing a bankroll could lead to borrowing money to continue our play.

The modern-day ubiquitous nature of online gambling apps, however, offering casinos and sportsbooks at the click of a smartphone, laptop or tablet button, can make it nigh-on impossible to avoid the temptation for some.

Alex was one of these, the burly teacher admitting he was responsible in every aspect of life, except for his love of gambling, with football-betting a particular focus.

“I can’t begin to explain the feeling of a Saturday during the football season,” he tells Kemp. “If I don’t keep myself busy, or do something, in that time, then it’s almost game over.”

Game over, for Alex, would result from him betting on almost anything soccer-related.

“It would be a Saturday afternoon in …January…it could be a football match from league one or two, or a Russian football match – something as crazy as that."

His biggest win – and loss – came from a weekend that came crashing down around his ears, riches turned and burned to rags in less than half-an-hour, and it didn’t involve football at all.

“I got up to £127,000 online, in one weekend,” Alex reveals, before admitting: “and then I lost that all within 26 minutes…playing roulette."

A shocked and stunned Kemp listened on in disbelief as he was told it took only “about 10 or 11 spins” for that massive windfall to disappear to dust.

This was the catalyst for Alex to try his ‘off the grid’ lifestyle.

“It’s just about limiting everything possible; no mobile phone, no car,” says Alex, who has also self-excluded himself from as many gambling outlets as possible, though he admits he will always be a gambling addict.

“I can never bet again. I will class myself as an addict if I was 30 years clean down the line.”

For the majority of us, poker, gambling at casinos and sportsbooks - be they online or live - are simply a part of our lives, not in control of our lives. But for some, the reverse is true.

If you or someone you know needs help, the link here provides a wealth of information…

Kemp’s full investigation of problem online gambling can be viewed here.


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