Phil Hellmuth Tilt Quits Live At The Bike Cash Game

It seems like there is not a week that goes by without Phil Hellmuth showing himself up by throwing a massive paddy over a hand of poker. It is only three weeks since Hellmuth and Mike The Mouth Matusow were on set at Live at the Bike and the pair were reinvited again last week to entertain us all, and Hellmuth did not disappoint.

By: Mark Patrickson

By the time of the hand in question Hellmuth was already sniping about Matusow trying to invite somebody else into the game, and he was having none of it. Even threatening to quit. And then a hand against Nick Vertucci set the seed to send Helluth over the edge.

Matusow raises Qs9s, Vertucci calls with AsKc and one more caller before Helluth squeezes AhAd. Vertucci calls and everyone else folds.

The flop is Js 6d 2s and the pot already $4,100. Vertucci checks and Hellmuth bets $2,200. Vertucci calls.

The turn is 8s and Vertucci checks. Hellmuth checks behind.

The river is the 9d and Vertucci jams putting Hellmuth in for his remaining $8,550.

Now the ranting starts. “It’s f****** ridiculous!”, Hellmuth mutters. Telling Matusow that he wouldn’t be laughing if he could see his hand. Vertucci has the As meaning Helluth cannot have the nut flush and he knows he’s putting him in a tough spot.

After briefly turning his pocket aces over, maybe to naughtily pick up a reaction, Hellmuth folds the best hand.

Now the rest of the table joins in with winding Hellmuth up. Vertucci even says “I’m in a video with the greatest of all-time!”, after Hellmuth says how bad he played the hand. Eventually, Matusow’s constant baiting sends Hellmuth into a childish tantrum and he storms off set, but not before telling a staff member that Matusow is not invited anymore.

It is getting a little old hat to see Hellmuth behave like this, but somehow we’re all still drawn to seeing the car crash moment time and time again. Maybe we’ll miss him when he stops playing.


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