Titles, Money and California Dreaming for Global Poker Players

Global Pokers busy Sunday Majors schedule saw some big wins yesterday, the wonderfully-named TheLionsMakeMeVerySad scooping the Scrimmage, while five more players won their way to live CPPT packages.

By: Andrew Burnett

Global Poker fans might recall TheLionsMakeMeVerySad from the recent GOAT series, his prop bet win over DuQueen2Queen meaning the latter had to get a goat tattooed on his butt!

Yesterday’s win didn’t have the same shock value, but the Sunday Scrimmage title is certainly one that GP grinders have at the top of their bucket lists.

With SC$50k in guarantees, 238 runners set off to chase a $10,200 top prize, and there was plenty of adrenaline on show as the final table was reached.

That was a chunk of change going to the California trio of Adrenalindjk, Gratattitude99 and Adrenalin8383 but there was still half the prizepool to play for.

HitNRunNitFish has been seen at the deep end of Global Poker tournaments before, an excellent 3rd place and SC$5,650 yesterday, but Ontario’s Cervejaaaa was a new name challenging for top honours.

Flopping a set of deuces, however, saw TheLionsMakeMeVerySad actually very happy, the Scrimmage title and SC$10,200 for a well-earned victory, Cervejaaaa settling for the hefty SC$7,500 2nd place prizemoney.

1 TheLionsMakeMeVerySad SC$10,200.00
2 Cervejaaaa  SC$7,500.00
3 HitNRunNitFish  SC$5,650.00
4 Davidh97  SC$4,250.00
5 Adrenalin8383  SC$2,900.00
6 Badbeat2000  SC$2,250.00
7 Gratattitude99  SC$1,750.00
8 Samir.G.Shahani@Gmail.Com SC$1,250.00
9 Adrenalindjk  SC$975.00

The early afternoon focus was on the SC$25k GTD Sunday Teaser, with 211 entries to the SC$110 buy-in tournament and more than SC$5k up top for the winner.
Among the final tablists was Kansas grinder Blackfyre Crown, who had finished second in last week’s Scrimmage for a SC$7395 score, and yesterday would add SC$2125 to that for a 4th place run.

Illinois’ OnionRingSasquatch is another name you’re unlikely to forget, last heard of on these pages back in February of this year at the final table of the Grizzly Games II championship.

Yesterday saw our friendly Big Foot take 5th spot and SC$1450, enough to buy plenty of onion rings.

The Teaser victory went to Iowa’s RoIGuy, fending off JHolliday541 from Oregon heads-up for the title win. That meant SC$5200 and the trophy for RoIGuy, and a healthy SC$3750 heading off on the Oregon trail to MrHolliday.

1 RolGuy  SC$5,100.00
2 JHolliday541  SC$3,750.00
3 Shirleyatomic  SC$2,825.00
4 Blackfyre Crown SC$2,125.00
5 OnionRingSasquatch  SC$1,450.00
6 Dburr9  SC$1,125.00
7 Straight1CMbruh  SC$875.00
8 BigTILTcity  SC$625.00
9 T-A-G SC$487.50

The fun and games were far from over though, the CardPlayer Poker Tour satellite qualifiers causing quite a stir, with $2200 live tournament packages up for grabs.

Five more were won yesterday, and Missouri’s 23GrindHigh23 took to Twitter to celebrate their big win – soon heading to Los Angeles for the CPPT opener, and all thanks to a freebie round 2 ticket.

1 Hhella Tight
2 23GrindHigh23 
3 Chota123 
4 Jrb22 

That’s it for another week from the Global Poker tables, but if you fancy joining on the action then check out the site’s promotions here.


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