Mike Matusow Goes From Hero to Zero on Live at the Bike

A couple of weeks ago the regular stream on Live at the Bike treated us to a night of exciting action with a whole roster of star names. Phil Hellmuth, Dan Jungleman Cates, and Mike The Mouth Matusow were all present to please the fans.

By: Mark Patrickson

The night saw plenty of action, and even a controversial finish as it transpired that Hellmuth had staked Matusow for half of his action and removed chips while the game was still ongoing. In the end it turned out that the rest of the table didn’t care as the game had over run past the agreed finish time anyway.

As is often the case, it was left to Matusow to give us a couple of great highlights of the evening’s play.

In the first hand, it was Brandon Cantu that tried to school Matusow, and he failed miserably.

Cantu raises 5h2d and Matusow 3 bets AsTc.Cantu calls.

The flop comes down Qc Jh 2d and the pot is $10,500.

Matusow bets $5,000 and Cantu calls.

The turn is the 9h and Matusow checks. Cantu bets $8,000. Matusow jams and Cantu folds handing an $18,500 pot to Matusow. This is exactly the kind of read that Matusow is famous for. While he might not have the greatest temperament for poker, he certainly can read when a player is weak.

The second hand was a huge clash. Matusow raises AhAc to $400, Hellmuth calls with 2s2d, and Garett Adelstein 3 bets with 7c6c to $1,700. Matusow 4 bets to $4,800. Hellmuth folds and Adelstein calls.

The flop is 9c 8s Th giving Adelstein a straight. Matusow checks and Adelstein bets $5,000. Matusow calls.

The turn is the Ks. Matusow checks and Adelstein bets $10,000. Matusow now makes an incredulous raise to $20,000. He soon wishes he hadn’t because Adelstein jams putting Matusow all-in for his remaining $12,000.

Matusow feels the pot is too big to fold and makes the call drawing dead with a final pot size of $84,725.

It feels bad to criticise Mike Matusow for some of his huge blow ups and payoffs when he’s such an entertaining character at the table. Hopefully he will return soon to give us some more of the same.


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