$148,668 and €29,495 Seized by partypoker in Battle Against Online Bots

partypokers August figures in the fight against online poker bots have just been released, with 48 accounts closed and over $180,000 seized across the sites markets.

By: Andrew Burnett

The breakdown of the statistics in the hunt for the cheats makes for interesting reading, the global .com market closures amounting to 36 accounts, leading to $148,668 in funds being seized.

In partypoker’s ringfenced .eu market, the 12 bot accounts found and banned led to €29,495 in player balances being captured, the funds from both markets redistributed to affected players.

The site has been making its fight against the bots transparent for half-a-year now, part of ‘a concerted drive to make partypoker the safest place to play poker.

The latest figures bring the total number of accounts closed since December 2018 to 649.

That equates to $1,174,758 and €164,878 in forfeited money from the respective .com and .eu markets, thanks, partypoker says, to a combination of their own fraud detection and player input.

partypoker have invested in a specialist Poker Fraud Team – comprised of former poker professionals – that is dedicated to investigating suspicious activity and closing down those who have broken the site’s rules.

To that end, the site encourages players to report all suspicious activity at its tables, via email to reports@partypoker.com, with the promise to investigate all incidents reported.


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