World's Top Pros Place Trust in APC’s Safe Poker App List

For many, the Asian poker boom has been a lifeline, a glut of apps from the Far East offering a chance to play the game they love. For others, playing on Asian apps is a scary proposition with several potential pitfalls.

By: Andrew Burnett

So where does the truth lie? HSDB have investigated and found safe ground where regular players, as well as pros can ply their poker skills...

Everyone knows that the poker boom of the noughties is unlikely to return, despite the best efforts of some in the industry. Thankfully, technology has offered new avenues for the poker grinder, and mobile poker apps, many from a less-regulated Asia, are among the easiest and best ways to get your poker fix.

APC is a portal introducing access to the exclusively Chinese games to the wider poker market. There are many games on Chinese apps that are good to play, if you can get in.

However, the organizers of these games limit access to players from China exclusively; they don’t usually allow any foreign players. As far as possible, they try to keep pros and winning players out. But APC lets players, and pros, from the rest of the world finally get in on the action.

Asian Poker Connect are the largest offline affiliate for the Asian poker market, and now that they’ve moved in to the online game we picked their brains on how they’ve answered player concerns.

The main concern, as always in online poker, is whether funds are safe or not, and APC started by getting rid of the unreliable platforms that had plagued the market.

An APC spokesperson explained recently: "After doing a shift to remove some platforms that proved to be unreliable, we are proud to include a number of responsible and highly-regarded apps under Asia Poker Connect."

The apps include Poker Master, uPoker, PPoker, idnpoker, Wepoker and Eden Poker, and APC threw in some big names to back up their list of reputable Asian-based poker platforms.

“Our apps are heavily vouched for by some of the world's top professional players, say APC, adding: “Players can be sure that the reliability of the site is safe and their deposits are always guaranteed".

Players say that everything APC did was smooth and professional, all the conditions were clear and transparent, no money transfers were delayed once.

Another big issue that players often raise is how to access genuine games, funds notwithstanding? How do they know they are playing legitimate opponents, for example?

That’s where APC’s years of experience in the Asian market comes into play, the long-standing connections meaning that the apps aren’t being run by random, unknown entities.

It’s this factor that also allows them to offer players access to the best "China only" private games, and many others.

“For example, with our specialisation in PokerMaster, we have sole and unprecedented access to multiple clubs that no foreign agents/affiliates are able to provide, they explained.

People who operate this site have really strong links in the Asian poker industry, and from that they’ve worked out a deal with Chinese game organisers that let foreign players in and keep everyone involved happy.


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