Jungleman Wins $612,000 With Royal Flush

In this incredible hand Dan Jungleman Cates rides his luck to scoop a massive $612,000 pot with a runner runner royal flush. The hand took place at the Triton Poker Super High Roller Montenegro back in May 2019 in a short deck cash game.

By: Mark Patrickson

The Triton Series is becoming one of the highlights of the live poker scene. Populated by the world’s best tournament and cash game players, we are never left wanting for more. The short deck variant is also becoming a great source of excitement.

Here at this table we see stars such as Rui Cao, Nikita Baziakouski, and Paul Phua alongside Jungleman.

In the hand Cates limps ATs, and so does Baziakouski with KJs. Cao raises ATo and Phua calls with QTs. Cates calls but then Baziakouski jams €262,000, standing to collect around €90,000 dead money.

Cao and Phua both fold and it’s back around to Cates. Eventually he decides that ATs is good enough to call for €247,000 effective stacks.Surprisingly in short deck ATs is only a 52% favourite.

Running it twice the first board comes down Ts 7s 9s 8c 9d giving half the pot to Baziakouski.

On the second run the flop is Ks Qs Kh, looking like a lock for Baziakouski. But then the turn comes Qh leaving Jungleman five outs to win. Incredibly the Jh comes and the table erupts in disbelief.


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