The Top Poker Professionals so Far

As 2019 is nearing its end, this year has been busy for poker players. Some of them gave their best effort and made the most out of it whereas others not so much. If you have been keeping up with the latest live poker tournaments you will have noticed that some players specifically stand out from the rest both in the way they play and the win streak they have. They deserve all the praise fans can give them because playing live poker is much more difficult than logging into your account and playing live poker online.  

When playing live, players feel the pressure of everyone in the room, including the camera crew responsible for streaming the event so regardless if you win or lose, the audience will handle you. Only pros can handle such pressure and topple other players for the big prize. Here’s a list of players that are considered to be some of the best poker pros so far:

Fedor Holz

This player is just hands down unbelievable. He is the CEO of a company for psychology and motivation, and in his spare time, he’s snatching big poker prizes. In a way, his success would make a motivational story in itself. He has an IQ of 155 that has helped him with deep thinking when it comes to analyzing games and hands. He racked up a staggering $ 6,000,000 as a runner up to Justin Bonomo, but fans will surely expect more out of him in the coming years.

Antonio Esfandiari

Antonio used to be a magician, a skill he found particularly useful at poker tables. With his skill and magic tricks, he became the youngest player to win a million dollars. However, his biggest win was in 2012, on the 43rd WSOP in Vegas when he won a jaw-dropping $ 18,346,673. The Magician has also appeared in minor roles in Runner, Runner, The Grand, and Setup showing that he’s a jack of all trades.

Erik Seidel

Although he’s a college dropout Erik managed to play his hands well in the games of life and poker. His Wall Street background gives him an edge over other players in that he’s calm and reserved in every situation. He looks like your regular Joe, but he’s a poker master that 8 WSOP bracelets. Erik Seidel is someone you should watch out for.

Justin Bonomo

This is hands down the most successful player on the list. He played his first poker tournament when he was just 19 and has been putting wins under his belt ever since. 2018 was his year because back in July the poker world was flabbergasted to see Justin win $ 10,000,000, which put him together with the greats and gave him legendary status. This poker machine also has a heart of gold since he donates parts of his winnings to charities. With an attitude like that Mr. Bonomo or “ZeeJustin” will likely continue to shock the world of poker in future events.


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