Olivier Busquet Talks About His Return to the Online Game and Life Outside of Poker

American poker star Olivier Busquet has given a revealing interview at the WPT Borgata Open, marking 10 years since his championship winning victory. Busquet is one of the most well-known faces in the game, and is a fairly rare breed in that he has had both a stellar live and online career.

By: Mark Patrickson

After crushing heads-up sit-and-goes for more than $2 million before anybody else had broken the $1 million mark, Busquet set his mind towards crushing the live tournament scene. Since 2008, the 38-year-old has accumulated $9 million in live tournament winnings. $925,514 of that being for his breakthrough victory at Borgata in 2009, besting a record field of 1,018 entrants. This still stands as his second highest cash after a decade.

By now, Busquet had come to really understand how lonely the online grind can be and how socialising during live events adds so much enjoyment to the poker experience.

“It really makes it more enjoyable because online it can be a bit isolating and a grind. Playing tournaments and socialising and getting a chance at big scores is a great combination with the grind.”

Even though he can still be found playing high roller tournaments all over the world, Busquet has been unable to escape the lure of grinding online. Now a fully-fledged New Jersey resident, he is able to pick his poison as he pleases. And it’s not just poker on the menu either. A new podcast has been mooted that will cover both poker and outside interests.

“My goal is to provide informative, entertaining, and educational value for the audience. I want to engage a bit more with the community at large and want to engage in a project that will help me learn, help my audience learn, and create a community of shared interests.”

As for the online grind in New Jersey these days, full 40-hour weeks are the norm with $2/$5 and $5/10 being the usual games, with occasionally some higher stakes. Busquet tells how it suits his more mature personality these days to play lower with a higher win rate. This of course results in a much higher frequency of winning sessions.

Sadly, there was no prize in the main event at Borgata this year, but fans will be able to see him in action there four or five times a year if they fancy taking him on.


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