Garrett Adelstein Stuns Viewers Finding a Fold with the Second Nuts

The Live at the Bike broadcast never fails to disappoint these days. The latest episode over last weekend was certainly no different. Garrett Adelstein stunned onlookers by managing to find a sick fold with the second nuts.

By: Mark Patrickson

The game was $50/$50/$100 NL hold’em and Andy Tsai kicked off the hand with a $300 open holding QdTd in the HJ. Adelstein calls with Ts7c in the BB.

The flop comes down 8h 2d 9c. Adelstein checks and Tsai makes a standard half pot continuation bet. Adelstein calls with his open-ended straight draw.

The turn is the Jd giving both players a straight. Adelstein checks and Tsai bets. Adelstein now raises his straight expecting to be good almost all the time. But Tsai sees no reason to slow play the nuts when there are tons of combos that can call this turn 3-bet. Adelstein plays it cool and just calls.

The river is the 5h - a complete blank. Adelstein check and Tsai bets almost full pot.

Adelstein now goes into speech mode. He talks through what he is thinking out loud and gives off the impression that he knows he can’t really fold the second nuts. Amazingly he then proceeds to do just that.

We don’t know for certain but it looked as if he was picking up on a physical tells and the speech was designed to get a reaction which ultimately came.

An amazing fold from Gman whichever way you look at it.


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