UFC Launch Online Real Time Betting Product

The UFC is launching its first live betting product, allowing sportsbetters to wager on up to 50 options per bout, with 20 new betting opportunities in real time…

By: Andrew Burnett

The UFC Event Centre, a collaboration between the UFC and the sports, events and entertainment agency IMG Arena, will be offered via sportsbooks and gaming operators - an area that matches the demographic ‘sweet spot’.

“The demographic of the UFC fan is right in a sportsbook’s sweet spot, in the context of men aged 21 to 44,” said Freddie Longe, executive vice president and managing director of IMG Arena.

Longe added: “Through this partnership with UFC, we have been able to develop official products that will help unlock significant value for both UFC and our global sports betting partners.”

UFC President Dana White said of the newly-announced product: “The UFC Event Centre and its official data feed will be a game changer for how UFC fans engage with our events through sportsbooks and gaming operators.”

The UFC Event Centre’s new offerings will include betting options on knockdowns, strikes landed and number of take-down attempts.

Lawrence Epstein, the UFC’s chief operating officer, remarked: “In-game betting is the fastest-growing part of the sports-gaming industry. Some of the stuff we’re doing is stuff that hasn’t been done with respect to UFC in the past.”

Dana White’s take on the exciting news was two-fold: “We have the most passionate, die-hard fans of any sport, and they’re going to love the option to place bets live during a fight."

He continued: “Betting operators are also going to love this product because, unlike other sports, UFC has no off season. The action will be non-stop for fans and sportsbook operators.”


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