Yi Ye Takes Down EPT Open Sochi Main Event For $300k

Chinas Yi Ye scooped just over $300k for winning the PokerStars EPT Open Sochi Main Event last night, fending off a horde of chasing local pros to take the trophy…

By: Andrew Burnett

Some 879 entries to the RUB133,000 ($2040) buy-in Main Event had produced a prizefund of more than $1.6million, three opening flights followed by three more days of play, culminating in yesterday’s final table.

Interestingly there were two women among that final half-dozen, Russian Natalia Panchenko and Ukraine’s Lidiya Kozenkova, and the combined previous tournament scores of the sextet barely cleared the first place prizemoney up for grabs.

Playing host to the PokerStars festival was Casino Sochi, one of very few casinos in Russia and located in a special zone for gambling after a 2009 ban on most forms of legalised gaming.

Skhulukhiya came into the final table as chip leader, but it was Yi Ye and Panchenko who made the early running, busting Han and Sukhov respectively, with Panchenko also accounting for her Ukrainian foe in an ace over ace battle.

The Russian woman would only manage 3rd place, however, after her turn shove against Ye with an open-ended straight draw saw a blank on the river.

That left Ye facing Giorgii Skhulukhiya heads-up for the title, and almost inevitably it came down to a classic race…

♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

Ye: 6♠ 6♣
Skhulukhiya: K♥ Q♠
Flop: A♦ 7♠ 5♥
Turn: 6♥
River: 8♠

That gave Ye victory and $301,378 – some 15 times his previous biggest cash, although he has been primarily a cash game player since the turn of the decade.

Skhulukhiya had to settle for the $182,991 second place money.

Final Table Results

1 Yi Ye $301,378
2 Giorgiy Skhulukhiya $182,991
3 Natalia Panchenko $129,097
4 Lidiya Kozenkova $96,817
5 Egor Sukhov $76,328
6 Abdul Mamin Abdal Ali Han $57,129



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