Here Are 3 Reasons Why Live Online Poker is Now Easier Than Ever to Access

No longer is poker a game played by outlaws, card sharks and gangsters in smoky dive bars. Instead, poker is now a game played live and online by people from all walks of life and of all ages. Many of whom play from the comfort of their very own home.

Consequently, this rise in the game’s popularity has seen it become more accepted by mainstream society. You’re now just as likely to see advertisements for a televised Texas Hold’em tournament as you are for a major sporting event.

Why is it then that poker continues to attract so many players year after year?

Simply put… it’s become more accessible.

In this article, we dive into the three main reasons why live poker is so easy to access in the modern era.

Rise of the smartphone

Smartphones have replaced desktops and even laptops as the platform of choice for pundits to watch players in action at live poker tournaments.

This means that instead of coming home from work and logging into your preferred tournament using a computer, you can now sit in an Uber, ride the subway or catch a bus and immerse yourself in the world of online poker whenever and wherever you may be, just as long as you have your phone.

This convenience, coupled with the increased connection speeds that 4G and 5G networks offer, has made the game easier than ever to access.

Live streaming options

Another innovation that has made accessing and watching a live poker game a much less complicated process comes down to the fact that players have more options than ever before when it comes to choosing which type of poker tournament they want to stream.

From time-honoured classics such as Texas Hold’em to Omaha, 7-Card Stud and Follow the Queen, it’s now possible to select the type of poker that you love most and watch it online, simply by using an online streaming service such as Youtube.

This has given players more control over what style of poker they’d like to watch, which in turn has allowed them to dip in and out of games at will and only view the tournaments that they’re interested in.

Subscription-based channels

In addition to online streaming options for poker games, fans are also able to watch poker being played on its own dedicated TV channels.

Poker Central, for example, is but one subscription-based channel that gives poker enthusiasts unparalleled access into different tournaments from around the world and the personalities that enter them. The Poker Channel is another UK based channel that currently broadcasts tournaments such as the British Poker Open to over 30 million households in 30 countries.

There are also other channels that’ve also featured live poker games or tournaments at one point in time, such as ESPN and CBS All Access. Both of whom have hosted the United States Poker Championship, World Series of Poker and even pro-am poker programs on their channels over the years.


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