Daniel Negreanu to Start His Own Poker Series?

We have already got a Moneymaker Tour, but how would you feel about a Negreanu Tournament Series? That is the idea that has the poker community excited this week, the former PokerStars ambassador tweeting out his thoughts on what it would look like…

By: Andrew Burnett

With proposed buy-ins from $1500 to $10k across numerous poker variants, the main aim of Kid Poker’s proposed Series is to return to the old-school approach – no rebuys and no late reg, which would protect amateurs from the pro’s multiple bullets…

Not that Negreanu is planning to put up his own money to fund the tournaments, the DNegs stating: ‘It’s all about getting someone to post up the guarantees. Without that, my face ain’t gonna do shit lol’.

There’s no denying that Negreanu’s name and face would attract websites like NoDeposit365 and players in droves, with Vegas being the only real option mooted byb the man himself to host such a series.

With Negreanu’s well-documented departure from PokerStars earlier this year, it’s unlikely that they’d be involved, but someone else was showing interest in backing the idea…

Negreanu is currently in Rozvadov chasing the WSOP Player of the Year title at the WSOP Europe, but he still found time to knock up ‘a rough first draft’ of the ‘Negreanu Tournament Series’


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