Bryn Kenney's Online Cash Game Results

Bryn Kenney stunned the poker world earlier this year when he banked over $20million at the Triton London stop to leapfrog his way to the top of the all-time tournament earnings list.

By: Andrew Burnett

Kenney was in the news again recently, letting fans know that he chanced half of his bankroll on that epic victory. Time, perhaps, for a look at Bryn’s online record to see if it matches his $55,505,603 live poker cashes…

Like David Williams before him, Kenney swapped Magic: The Gathering for the more lucrative slopes of poker, although it wasn’t an instantly profitable transition.

“I played online all day every day when I started”, Kenney revealed in an interview. “I played with $50 at first, run it up, lose it all, deposit again, and do that over and over until I finally caught some breaks. That’s how I built my game.”

The game he built included a nice little cash game profit over the years on PokerStars, the winter of 2013/14 in particular treating him well…

…and although the stakes and pots weren’t quite in the Ivey/Hansen/Durrrr ballpark, he was still playing with the cream of the online crop, such as this pot against the recently sadly-departed Richard 'nutsinho' Lyndaker

His top 5 biggest pots may only total a flop bet for some of his all-time GOAT rivals, but the likes of Doug 'WCG|Rider' Polk, and in this next hand, Sami 'LrsLzk' Kelopuro.

Kenney’s Full Tilt highstakes career seems to have lasted barely more than a long session, at least under his own name, but even those 874 hands produced a profit

For a man destined to achieve amazing things in live poker, Kenney didn’t find online cash games particularly useful for the live cash version, although MTT’s were a different matter.

“I think online cash games don’t really build skills because live cash is much different from it, while online tournaments do help you build skills for tournaments,” he explained to Remko Rinkema last year.

Those online MTT’s that he also cut his teeth on show yet more positive numbers, $434,438 in tournament cashes between 2006 and 2008 – although tournament results are never that accurate given buy-ins don’t get subtracted.

Nevertheless, as an overall poker player it’s perfectly clear that Bryn Kenney belongs at the highest level – and it’s the rest of the poker world who have some catching up to do!


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