Player of the Year and WSOPE Making a Mockery of the WSOP?

Is it true that the Player of the Year and WSOPE are taking away the real prestige of the true World Series of Poker? It has long been thought that the yearly pilgrimage to Nevada every summer is where you can guarantee to see the worlds best in action.

By: Mark Patrickson

Now though, people are seeing a sharpening focus of efforts towards less financial rewards in order to see their name in lights.

The Player of the Year offers zero financial incentive. In fact, it encourages players to play in smaller, less prestigious events too claim those valuable points. Trying to beat fields of a few thousand players is going to be a tough road filled with extreme variance.

The same argument applies to players flying to the WSOP Europe. The fields here are microscopic compared to what is seen in Las Vegas. We have the likes of Daniel Negreanu and Allen Kessler flying around the world to win a meaningless title with a much smaller prize than what normally accompanies a gold bracelet.

Of course, the super high rollers are an exception. With the occasional amateur with money to burn, these tournaments are filled with the highest calibre players you will ever see.

Could a return to the days of the Tournament of Champions fix this problem? There used to be cash prizes and even cars for the WSOP Player of the Year, but now it’s just a leaderboard that skews the accomplishments of players who choose to play in specific events.

Even Phil Hellmuth plans his WSOP schedule with maximising his chances of more bracelets in mind. The American will, of course, be playing a full schedule in Rozvadov too.

On a more comedic note, Daniel Negreanu was vlogging during the €2,500 8-Game Mix and appeared to let slip that Allen Kessler had promised to cover the guarantee with slow entries.

With only 71 out of the needed 100 things didn’t get off to a good start until people started rebuying. Even after the rebuy period ended they were still €12,500 short. This is a classic example of a bracelet chasers tournament.


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