Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Legalised Sports Betting in the US

A poll has shown that approximately 80% of Americans support legalised sports betting throughout the country. The Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University conducted the survey that showed the mood is ripe for change in the United States.

By: Mark Patrickson

Changing Times

Gambling has long been frowned upon by western society. In recent years, however, there has possibly been a slight shift in attitudes. The skill game debate is something that poker players are all too familiar with.

As far as betting on sports goes, it seems as if the majority don’t feel there is any harm in placing the occasional wager. After all, it’s impossible to protect adults from every type of temptation.

Out of the 80% of Americans feeling that sports betting should be legalised, 55% want a state-by-state system - up from 40% 18 months ago. The other 25% want the industry opened up all across the country. A tiny 16% were opposed to any form of legalisation.

What About Poker?

This sharp change of opinion on sports betting potentially has exciting possibilities for the poker industry. With still only four states passing poker legislation throughout the US, this recent poll can now be used as ammunition to persuade lawmakers to take a more friendly stance with online poker.

On the flip side, with the likes of billionaire Sheldon Adelson giving away money for political campaigns, American poker players are still at the mercy of politicians who accept donations with strings attached.

As we have said many times in the past, the road to a true worldwide player pool was always going to be a long one post Black Friday. In the case of the US, there was still debate about whether the population could ever get behind legalising any form of gambling. Now it looks like we finally have a positive answer.


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