Daniel Negreanu To Never Re-Enter a Poker Tournament Again

Daniel Negreanu has tweeted that he is seriously considering never taking up the rebuy option in a poker tournament ever again. The Canadian high-stakes tournament player says after he returns home from the WSOPE he will make a decision, but seems to indicate that he will still play rebuy events as before, just only for a single bullet.

By: Mark Patrickson

All About the Mental Game

Negreanu’s reasoning is all about keeping his mindset in tip top condition. He feels that a player knowing they only get one shot will gain a positive effect on the level of their play. This is obviously debateable, and doesn’t even touch on the technical points on what is the best level of aggression in a rebuy event.

He goes further with his reasoning to admit that he and others continuously make -EV decisions in re-entry.

The key to rebuy tournaments has always been thought to build the biggest stack possible to allow a player to wield pressure on smaller stacks. This is why players tend to go a little crazy at the beginning of events trying to gamble on doubling up a few times.

The common wisdom is that this is great for the prize pool and for players who manage to build a stack with minimal investment. Negreanu even confirms this, which confuses his thought process somewhat.

With the prevalence of rebuy events these days it would be interesting to see the top player’s records in relation to how many buy-ins they’re in for. From an ROI standpoint it must have a serious effect, but we have no idea who is really crushing these games when all we see is the total amount won.

One of Negreanu’s followers seems to agree.


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