Is the Triton Series the New World Series of Poker?

Could it be true that the hyper-popular Triton Poker Series now be considered the true World Series of Poker? The Macau-based series just oozes prestige and exclusivity with fields saturated with top-class talent.

By: Mark Patrickson

Changing Times

There’s no doubt that the annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas every summer is many poker players' dream. The chance to fight for one of the sought after gold bracelets is as much motivation as the potential big bucks for many players.

That said, with the addition of many smaller buy-in events over the last three decades, has the talent pool on view become too diluted?

This isn’t a criticism of what the WSOP has become, rather an observation of what it used to be and what it used to mean. Look at the strength in-depth in any Triton event and you truly see a field where almost every player can be considered world class. This is no longer true for the WSOP.

For the Players or the Fans?

As the WSOP has become less exclusive over the years, it is undeniable that the shine has dulled somewhat on what it means to take part. When it all started, it was a group that were undeniably the best poker players around. Now, the whole ethos seems to be about getting as many players to Las Vegas as possible.

The Triton Series on the other hand, rarely sees buy-ins lower than $20,000. While not a guarantee, this does keep out the chancers unless they are successful businessmen with money to burn.

What we see in almost all Triton fields are a collection of those we know to be the world’s best.

The Triton Series is still growing fast, so who knows what will happen in the coming years. But it’s unlikely to become the type of event that is aimed at getting the most players to attend. Quality is what they are all about, and this is why many will start to consider the Triton Series a true contender for the real World Series of Poker.


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