Phil Galfond Complains to Presidential Candidate about Unregulated Poker Sites

High-stakes cash game player Phil Galfond has been complaining about unregulated poker sites. The legendary PLO wizard was replying to a tweet from US presidential candidate Andrew Yang who supports online poker.

By: Mark Patrickson

Sour Grapes?

Phil Galfond has more respect from the poker community than most. The 34-year-old American has repeatedly shown himself to be a man of integrity who wants the best for poker, but is griping about unregulated sites going to help?

Offshore sites have kept the online game going in an era of difficult legalities. Should we really be protesting their existence?

Sites such as Americas CardRoom do a great job in maintaining poker’s popularity and to suggest that they should be closed down only seems like sour grapes. What are US-based players supposed to do in the meantime - take up a new hobby and maybe forget poker for another decade while full legalisation is wrangled out.

Working Towards a Common Goal

Galfond’s suggestion actually doesn’t help the cause for legalisation at all. Just because there is no nationwide framework to operate onshore doesn’t mean the focus should be on closing down potential rivals before this happens. For now, it is what it is.

There are a huge number of Americans who want to play online poker and making noise to potentially prevent this is unhelpful.

Galfond says: “Legal poker makes Americans safer!”

It certainly will, so let’s get behind the crusade to make that happen rather than highlighting the difficult situation US-based players face right now with what’s on offer.


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