Daniel Negreanu To Help Change WSOP POY Points System

Daniel Negreanu has tweeted a list of proposed changes to the current WSOP Player of the Year race. The Canadian high-stakes tournament player looks to have been listening to recent criticisms of the system.

By: Mark Patrickson

Not Longer Relevant

The current Player of the Year system has been criticised for its outdated model. With no financial prize, and a points system that favours certain areas, it is being touted as increasingly meaningless and unfit for purpose

Negreanu is one of the players who has spent the year hunting the PoY title and was ultimately successful following no less than seven cashes in Rozvadov. This was on the back of 16 in Las Vegas this summer.

If somebody like Negreanu can see the system needs fixing then it’s high time that the WSOP took a good look at it.

How to Fix it

The main criticism has been that players avoid large fields and go for modest cashes in small events that pay out almost as many points. This clearly favours those who want to prioritise the PoY and gold bracelets over those playing in the most challenging tournaments their bankroll allows for.

Negreanu’s starter was that only the 12 best cashes should count. This is a great way to give more players a chance while still focussing on consistency.

Toning down the importance of min-cashes is another idea that skews the system in favour of those who are prepared to play small events none stop for the entire festival.

The WSOP Main Event is another bone of contention. Negreanu thinks the final tablers will be favoured too much in a system where only 12 scores count. This is still currently being argued on the Twitter thread and it’s doubtful we will see any kind of majority view for now.

The best point in Negreanu’s tweet was the final point. Quality over quantity. We couldn’t agree more.


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