MustardBet Ceases Trading

Online sportsbook and casino MustardBet has announced they are to cease trading with immediate effect. This is a real shame for the industry as the guys running the company set out to do things differently from other bookmakers and were 100% customer focussed.

By: Mark Patrickson

Saturated Market

In a saturated market it’s extremely tough to get in from the ground level. MustardBet came with the attitude that they were going to attack from a different angle and give the punters what they want.

There would be no restrictions for customers who were big winners, as is the case on the likes of Bet365. A bespoke interface was also created which the customers loved. Sadly, it wasn’t enough.

MustardBet stated that they would return all account balances to the card on file within 72 hours. In a surprising turn of events, the statement also said that any open bets would be paid out as winners, unless there were multiple bets on a single event. In this case the most profitable selection would be paid.

The website stayed open until October 11 2019 for customers to access transaction histories etc, and the live chat support also remained active until the final day.

Sad Reaction on Twitter

Judging from some of the related tweets, there are many who really appreciate what the MustardBet team tried to do, and how they have handled the closure. How many gambling websites have stopped answering emails and the phones a month before the business vanishes without a trace.

There was also a discussion on whether or not it is possible to start up a new online bookmaker in the UK right now. Is it all marketing now and the wants of the hardcore no longer matter?


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