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  2. dono about the 8game but VB lost ~20k @ 27TD
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  5. don't know how much he is on for ...
  6. He's up $24k after exactly 400 hands between both sessions. I didn't realise that was getting ripped apart. Yes he is down a chunk from his peak which was $120k(?) but I wouldn't be too worried.
  7. It has been running full ring when Gus was online the last 2 days
  8. Isi is back at 1/2k 8game vs Raul Edit: Pretty sure Raul startet with 50k and Isi 64 or something like that
  9. Classic hit and run would be. Buy in extra small, win an all in or a blind, and then leave.
  10. Left with 65k, says he'll be back later
  11. he´s playing Hu 1/2k vs Raul with 66k right now , joiso sit at table but sit out
  12. Isildur just sat at 1k/2k 8game with 25,370.10$ Is this what's left in his account after losing ??
  13. hhey mr lol or someone else from hsdb. could you give some updates about yesterdays session? Thanks a lot!
  14. I didn't rail all of it. He is down a bit since he came back
  15. did u rail his all his sessions? if you are correct, he is around even since return?
  16. It's really nice that Salas is tanking every decision such as opening 73o preflop or 3bet shoving J9s over a squeeze for like 1-.2 minutes ...... Like seriously, what is the benefit of thinking a preflop decisions like this ? I never understood it
  17. Isildur1 down lots today?
  18. 10k isi /40k josi starting stacks?
  19. Just opened the 1/2k 8 game table ans read the chat. Does Joiso dont want to play Isi heads-up anymore
  20. Last week
  21. And the 2 O8 sessions he played!
  22. I hope John Hesp takes it down, his first time playing a big buyin, great story for poker!
  23. Final table starts at 5:30 local time, which is in just over an hour. I think they are going to play down to two or three tonight, and finish tomorrow. I'm excited to see the first final table in July in a long time.
  24. No idea how it ends sry. But Isi playing 3 tables 400/800 now which are tracked. So hopefully they can import the 1/2k session later , too !
  25. And? Final result vs donthnr? Final result for today?
  26. cheers whats the end counts in for 20k vs donthr 2-7 td
  27. Just for the 2nd table Ino Isi in for 40k raul for 80k rest 20 Edit: sry Crazy also reloaded 20k so also in for 40
  28. someone got the count?
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