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  2. Are you still at the casino?
  3. Don´t forget a8 vs at , but also don´t foget about that ridicilous 9t vs qq 8jq flop ... and for me more important the Aj raise 4handed utg from isi ai from jao kk and then pavel reshoved aq ( in my opinion a really bad ai from pavel). And yeah don´t forget about Isi is great enough to win with 1 pair vs 2 pairmuck from pavel at showdown.... At the end of the Tournament obviously the winner ALWAYS got lucky .... Yeah well the chinesgame gotta be juicy , no idea how good viktor is in chinese. But depending on who plays could be really profitable Just hope he doens´t play plo against some specialist hu 0_o
  4. I'm sure he'll be playing at the casino if he hasn't left yet and there's action
  5. I guess many wants action from him now. Like Gus Hansen: come here Viktor and play some Chinese with me Im your lurking friend. Well I hope it is not like that. And they are truly friends instead.
  6. But Isldur was quite lucky Pavel Plesuv had him All in 4 times with showdown before flop. AK vs QQ, AT Vs 77. and two times more were isildur was dominating.
  7. So how long before we see him playing 1/2k online? Probably before the end of the week?
  8. I think its irrelevant to talk about he's money situation, he's been gambling high stakes last 10 years or so for millions of $$$$ he's got cash and don't spend them like degenerate some years ago. And guy like him with all that potential and skill he will never ever be broke! He's just too good to be forgotten in poker history.
  9. Yeah that would have been great , but for me isildur looked really uncomfortable & shy in that situation. Well yeah if it was his last 265€ for the night ...the story is pretty lame and irrelevant
  10. 1. They swapped action which is quite common, probably 5% or something like that 2. It was probably the last 265€ he had that night after playing vs Gus, he's obviously not broke
  11. I would want a commentary about the Tournament from Isildur, that would be great. The intervier could have asked question going through the tournament bet they did not.
  12. I recomend wathing the last 20 minutes. On twitch/partypokerTv.
  13. Like Pgdomo said.... Phil clearly said when commentating that they swapped a small piece of each other, no 2% or anything like that.. Just a small piece.. And OMG he f-ing took it down, such a tournament Boss
  14. They probably swapped Action
  15. 1. Yeah Phillip G. had a piece of him , mentioned that at least 3-4times if i am not wrong he once said little 2% ( but could be wrong there ) no idea why he even sell action on a 5k event 2.I doubt that 265€ story, isi had cash when phil g. asked him to give him to pay the russian guy to show 1 card. 3. There were a plo and nlh game called big game the days before and they said multiple time gus playing chinese very high all night long and mentioned a real high plo game with 1k the smallest chips + our metalgear confirmed a 500/500 plogame.
  16. LONG LIVE THE KING! i watched the stream for 5/6 hours isi was immense all day made some amazing folds in tight spots and some good bluffing as well,he rode his luck a little bit to win heads up but what a final hand call he made unreal deserved to win any tounrnament! well don viktor!
  17. WOW ISILDUR!!!
  18. He's still in the casino lol ?!? Can you please make us all a favor and drag him out of there !!!
  19. No big games running unless in hotel room. He's just standing around talking to Gus Hansen...grueling heads up match though!
  20. Viktor walking around the Kings casino with a cool milly in his pocket is like a fat kid with m&ms in his pocket you know they will be gone by morning, best thing isildur could do is get on a plane out of the czech republic as i seen leon licking his lips whilst looking at our golden god.
  21. Pokernews now confirmed that there was a deal made: '' Plesuv finished in 2nd place for €750,000 (after the deal) and shook Blom's hand to congratulate him.''
  22. There was some nosebleeds cashgames off stream, they even said it on stream, so i'm taking pads word on this.
  23. Surely he wasn't down to his last 265 if so thats some degening. When you watch the Stu Unger documentary there is so many same personality traits as blom both play the same and both can't keep a bankroll for love no money but hay thats what makes him the legend he is i suppose and nobody could of made that call tonight no one.
  24. Patrick Leonard Aka ''pads1161'' wrote on twitter: 3 days ago, Isildur came from the nosebleeds table and asked to flip for his last €265. 3 days later he binks €1m. He is the sickest guy in poker without question and everybody loves him. What a winner for the first of these new tournaments. 10+ millionaires made on the tour
  25. commentator said it during final table and no dont know amount guessing 5-10 percent tho for 5k
  26. How do you know Phil G has a piece? and do you know how much?
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