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  2. Ty for refreshing my memory, i forgot that PP was going to stream CG
  3. Yesterday
  4. Not sure Isildur is in tho, not started yet
  5. Post Twitch Link if Isildur is in!
  6. I'm talking about the live games, I found it and it starts in 2 hours: "partypoker's BIG GAME is back, this time at the MILLIONS North America festival! From 9pm UK/22:00 CET on Thursday 26th April until Sunday 29th April we have an all-star line up playing both PLO and NLH! Big names, Big pots, HUGE action!"
  7. The Sam Trickett game is usually on Wednesday.
  8. Not playing the main event? Also there's supposed to be the big cashgame running on twitch right?
  9. Isildur is back playing 200/400 Limit Triple Draw 2-7 against spidey_85
  10. Yeah, pretty sure he gets away from that if it woudn´t be for the QJ steam. He seems to get away from those spots alot otherwise when playing live
  11. Last week
  12. Yeah, I was vvv annoyed they were playing NLHE/PLO mix as we dont track it right now
  13. Most likely a chinese businessman with bottomless pockets. Anyone know who won when Bajskorven and LLinuslove battled NHL/PLO before? Damn i want HSDB to cover this mix and 5ccards game as well!
  14. yee after the bluff with QJ and the the "semi cooler" with straight vs flush ...
  15. aaahhhhhh wtf... call for a split pot at best.... Isil is out oh well Liverpool is in the lead
  16. isildur steams on 9 players left and now it's only 13 minutes left for the match of the year, C'mon Liverpool
  17. Hmmm... Football on tv Liverpool vs Roma and Highroller with Isildur on computer... What a night
  18. what? im guessing you answered the wrong guy? Anyway, im glad i didnt stay awake this night, much needed sleep.. Tourney starts 6pm CET
  19. Never mind guys, he is 2/15
  20. Where can u see a list of players still in? My google skills seems off today
  21. then he rebought has 6mio stack
  22. Busted
  23. 29 left out of 36
  24. Isildur is in the 25k at "tv" table too
  25. I saw that too, maybe some good cashgames are running?
  26. the 25k highroller is running, still no Isildur in it!!!!
  27. 5th place 72.5k cad pffff oh well sleeeeeeeep time
  28. 5th place now.. FT coming up!!! 8.5m isil 15.5m to chip leader.....
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