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  3. Hey, abyNorman! Let me clear the confusion here. GP introduces 2 kinds of currencies. One is Gold Coins and the other is Sweeps Cash. When you buy Gold Coins GP gives you bonus $weeps Cash free of charge. Gold Coins let you play for fun, but switch to $weeps Cash and you can play for REAL MONEY! $weeps Cash wins can be legally cashed out in the US because they are FREE! You can purchase Gold Coins for as low as $5. I suggest you visit the site by clicking on this link and experience the fun that our members are currently enjoying. See you at Global Poker!
  4. Global Poker ! Please make me understand ! "We only just started about 2 months ago, but already over 1000 players cashed out over $120,000 in winnings." How did they do that, "cashed out" ? "Winnings" == money or what? "Any winnings from play with Gold Coins will be credited to the player’s balance, however, gold coin winnings can never be cashed out." "until winnings are withdrawn via PayPal as real cash prizes." What is "real cash prizes" ? Give me details: Money-> Gold Coins and/or Sweeps Cash -> "real cash prizes" eq. money or not money. How to do it ? How much does it cost to buy coins or Sw-cash for 100$ and then withdraw the the coins or Sw-cash back to $.
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  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) So, who is Global Poker?Global Poker is developed, owned and operated by VGW Holdings Limited. VGW is a public company incorporated in Australia in 2010. VGW first developed and launched “Chumba Casino”, a leading social casino, offering our unique sweepstakes cash prizes available on both Facebook and at Poker aims to be a leading poker room bringing fun and excitement to poker players globally. Our initial focus is on the US, “the home of Poker” and Canada, but intend to expand globally very soon, making Global Poker truly Global!Is Global Poker the only gaming company to use sweepstakes prizes?No, gaming companies offering sweepstakes with prizes is nothing new. There have been, and still are, many gaming companies offering sweepstakes with prizes. Pureplay Poker ( is an example of another sweepstakes poker model. Is my money safe with Global Poker? Many poker players remember what happened when Full Tilt froze their cash balances. What comfort can Global Poker give that this is not going to happen?Global Poker is owned and operated by VGW Holdings Limited, a public company in Australia with obligations to operate at the highest financial and consumer protections standards. As an Australian public company we are obliged to comply with all rules and regulations INCLUDING the protection of player sweeps and gold coins balances at any time. This is the same as maintaining “segregated funds” for traditional online poker rooms. What are “Sweepstakes”?Sweepstakes are trade promotions with prizes. They promote additional sales through prize giveaways and have been used for decades, worldwide.How does Global Poker’s Sweepstakes model work?Global Poker sells virtual currency (Gold Coins). Our Gold Coins can be used to enter and play a range of different poker games and tournaments, against other players with Gold Coins. Any winnings from play with Gold Coins will be credited to the player’s balance, however, gold coin winnings can never be cashed out. To promote the sale of Gold Coins, we give away Sweepstakes, uniquely represented as a virtual currency (Sweeps Cash). Sweeps Cash can be used for play in our poker room, against other players with Sweeps Cash, until winnings are withdrawn via PayPal as real cash prizes.Isn’t this just a loophole for gambling?No. We have created a new business model: virtual currency (social) gaming combined with real cash prizes.It is definitively categorised as not gambling in the US, Canada, and many other countries worldwide, as proven by the high-profile companies that have conducted their own due diligence on Global Poker’s Sweepstakes model, including PayPal, (Facebook) and others.What other companies use sweepstakes?Many companies worldwide use sweepstakes to promote and sell their products.Sweepstakes promotions have been running for decades in the US and other countries around the world. Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Reader’s Digest sweepstakes, McDonalds’ Monopoly millionaire sweepstakes, Pepsi’s Billion Dollar Sweepstakes and Proctor & Gamble’s sweepstakes are some of the more widely known, and often global, promotions.Reader’s Digest has a sweepstakes focused business model that sells physical goods, rather than the digital goods that Global Poker sells. PCH has been operating this business model, and their global Readers Digest sweepstakes lottery, since 1967.Who has done the legal due diligence on this model? Which companies does VGW operate the sweepstakes model in partnership with?Significant, high-profile companies including Facebook, PayPal, and Worldpay have all performed in-depth analysis and full legal due diligence of Global Poker’s sweepstake model.These are multi-billion dollar technology companies and payment processors in the US that do not allow gambling companies and their offerings on their platforms. Each of these companies have conducted months of due diligence, reviewing our counsel’s opinion and challenging the business model and product.Global Poker has successfully passed each legal review and continues to operate its unique social sweepstakes gaming model in partnership with each of these companies.What is the risk laws will just change? Low. Sweepstakes regulation in the US is on a state-by-state basis, so laws in 50 states would need to change.Furthermore, since Sweepstakes trade promotions are offered by a large number of brands and companies, including many multinationals, any regulatory change would have broad consequences and likely be challenged. Regulatory change over the long term is likely, and in time VGW expects a similar journey to other technology companies that have created disruptive new business models, like DraftKings and Fanduel (Daily Fantasy Sports), AirBnB (accommodation) and Uber (transport).Who is Global Poker’s expert counsel on US sweepstakes law?Adam Solomon of Michelman & Robinson LLP, a US lawyer specialising in sweepstakes law.Adam is the Vice Chairman of the American Bar Association’s Committee on Promotion & Marketing Law, and a member of the American Bar Association’s Consumer Protection Committee. He has been named as a Notable Practitioner by Chambers USA in the area of Advertising: Transactional & Regulatory, citing "deep knowledge and understanding of all issues involved with advertising, including direct marketing, promotions marketing, sweepstakes and contest law”.Global Poker also engages other specialist counsel in the US and around the world to strengthen its panel of global legal advisors, including Kevin De Haan QC, one of the world’s premier gaming law specialists. According to Chambers:An internationally acknowledged expert in all aspects of e-commerce regulation, Kevin has been closely involved in the development of the online gambling industry from its inception in the 1990s to the present day, having advised most of the major (and many of the smaller) operators at some stage. He drafted the Gibraltar Gambling Act and advised on regulatory aspects arising from the floatation of offshore online gambling operators on the London stock markets. He is an expert on the law relating to all types of gambling, both land-based and remote.So why can't other poker companies implement the same Sweepstakes model?Our Patent: Global Poker has a comprehensive Patent Protection Pending on this unique business model. Global Poker’s parent company, VGW, invented it and currently being the only one to operate it.Regulatory & Partner risks: Our competitors, particularly those with regulated gambling businesses, are generally reluctant to explore innovative models that are not considered “mainstream”. This extends to key marketing, distribution and payment processing partners (like Facebook and PayPal), who competitors would need to satisfy as to the legitimacy of their business model, a process which has taken Global Poker several years.Technology & Operations: The technology required to operate a real money sweepstakes prize platform is very different to that of a virtual currency only game, requiring far more robust, secure and thorough gameplay and reporting functionality. Operations supporting real prize gaming are also very different to games companies, as the payments, fraud and customer service profiles are very different.Can Global Poker’s Sweepstakes model apply to other gaming products? Yes, it can apply to any game of chance: all casino games, sports gaming and lottery. Our Patent Pending applies to any and all such variations of the model.See you at the tables at Global Poker!Global Poker - making poker great again!
  7. Hey @GlobalPokerCS8 welcome to HSDB and thanks for dropping in to offer your service, great to have you on board! For anyone looking to try out the games at Global Poker you can create an account here with us. Best of luck all!
  8. We are a new poker site that uses the Sweepstakes model. Play our cash games and our tournaments, and cash out your winnings thru PayPal.You purchase our Gold coin packages and we will give you the same amount in free $weeps, which you use at our cash game tables. We only just started about 2 months ago, but already over 1000 players cashed out over $120,000 in winnings.We will be here and answer any of your questions and to help you in any way we can.
  9. Awesome, nice run @ProBlackbird, congrats!
  10. this is sick. I been playing 25 hands now and I havent had kings or aces once!!!!!! What the hell???
  11. Thank you for freeroll I came 5th place and won $100
  12. Last week
  13. I'm still in and I'm doing pretty good.
  14. I don't get it but I wish you a good luck
  15. Just a reminder everyone that this starts in 1 hours time with 1 hour of late registration! See you at the tables!
  16. Working every day Trading gift&prepaid cards also in bulk - if u have, then let me know. Contact Skype : rodrige.amin ICQ : 690490649 Cheers & Welcome!
  17. Hi everyone! We are super excited to announce that Online Poker League Season 5 is set and ready to kick off running from March 1st - 31st with a huge $25,000 in added cash and prizes! What Is OPL? OPL gives players the chance to compete for huge cash prizes throughout the season and for overall season leaderboard prizes. All tournaments are streamed live on Twitch where players can get together to battle it out and join in the banter in a fun and friendly community. - $25,000 total added - 43 MTTs each with 50-100 buyins added in cash to the prizepool across 8 different poker rooms - Gain points towards the leaderboard for each MTT you play - Your top 10 points results count towards the leaderboard Twitch Streams This seasons Twitch streams will be hosted by Spraggy & fergrberger - Be sure to tune in to Twitch.TV/Fergb12345 for all events at Guts Poker and Twitch.Tv/Spraggy for all other events! The Schedule As usual there is a huge line up of value added MTTs for Season 5. There are new rooms in and the schedule has been spiced up with some opening event freerolls at each room to get you started + double points events for each room throughout. Natural8 - March 1st @ 7PM GMT - $250 Added - Buyin FREE - March 5th @ 7PM GMT - $250 Added - Buyin $5.50 (Double Points Special) - March 14th @ 7PM GMT - $350 Added - Buyin $5.50 - March 20th @ 7PM GMT - $400 Added - Buyin $5.50 - March 26th @ 7PM GMT - $1000 Added - Buyin $27.50 (Double Points Special) Create a Natural8 account here to play! Sky Poker - March 1st @ 7:30PM GMT - £250 Added - Buyin FREE - Password: SKYOPL1 - March 5th @ 7:30PM GMT - £250 Added - Buyin £5.50 - Password: SKYOPL2 (Double Points Special) - March 15th @ 7:30PM GMT - £350 Added - Buyin £5.50 - Password: SKYOPL3 - March 18th @ 7:30PM GMT - £400 Added - Buyin £5.50 - Password: SKYOPL4 - March 26th @ 7:30PM GMT - £1000 Added - Buyin £27.50 - Password: SKYOPL5 (Double Points Special) Create a Sky Poker account here to play! Guts Poker - March 1st @ 8PM GMT - €250 Added - Buyin FREE - Password: GUTSOPL1 - March 7th @ 8PM GMT - €250 Added - Buyin €5.50 - Password: GUTSOPL2 (Double Points Special) - March 12th @ 8PM GMT - €350 Added - Buyin €5.50- Password: GUTSOPL3 - March 19th @ 8PM GMT - €400 Added - Buyin €5.50 - Password: GUTSOPL4 - March 25th @ 8PM GMT - €1000 Added - Buyin €27.50 - Password: GUTSOPL5 (Double Points Special) Create a Guts Poker account here to play! Party Poker - March 2nd @ 7PM GMT - $250 Added - Buyin FREE - Password: PPOPL1 - March 6th @ 7PM GMT - $250 Added - Buyin $5.50 - Password: PPOPL2 (Double Points Special) - March 12th @ 7PM GMT - $350 Added - Buyin $5.50 - Password: PPOPL3 - March 22nd @ 7PM GMT - $400 Added - Buyin $5.50 - Password: PPOPL4 - March 26th @ 7PM GMT - $1000 Added - Buyin $27.50 - Password: PPOPL5 (Double Points Special) Create a Party Poker account here to play! Tonybet - March 2nd @ 7:30PM GMT - €250 Added - Buyin FREE - Password: TBOPL1 - March 5th @ 7:30PM GMT - €250 Added - €5.50 - Password: TBOPL2 (Double Points Special) - March 11th @ 7:30PM GMT - €350 Added - €5.50 - Password: TBOPL3 - March 17th @ 7:30PM GMT - €400 Added - €5.50 - Password: TBOPL4 - March 22nd @ 7:30PM GMT - €1000 Added - €27.50 - Password: TBOPL5 (Double Points Special) Create a Tonybet account here to play! Betfair - March 3rd @ 7:30PM GMT - €250 Added - Buyin FREE - Password: BOPL1 - March 10th @ 7:30PM GMT - €250 Added - €5.50 - Password: BOPL2 (Double Points Special) - March 14th @ 7:30PM GMT - €350 Added - €5.50 - Password: BOPL3 - March 19th @ 7:30PM GMT - €400 Added - €5.50 - Password: BOPL4 - March 24th @ 7:30PM GMT - €1000 Added - €27.50 - Password: BOPL5 (Double Points Special) Create a Betfair account here to play! Unibet - March 4th @ 7:30PM GMT - €250 Added - Buyin FREE - Password: UOPL1 - March 9th @ 7:30PM GMT - €250 Added - Buyin €5.50 - Password: UOPL2 (Double Points Special) - March 12th @ 7:30PM GMT - €350 Added - Buyin €5.50 - Password: UOPL3 - March 16th @ 7:30PM GMT - €400 Added - Buyin €5.50 - Password: UOPL4 - March 23rd @ 7:30PM GMT - €1000 Added - Buyin €27.50 - Password: UOPL5 (Double Points Special) Create a Unibet account here to play! Bet365 - March 4th @ 7:30PM GMT - €250 Added - Buyin FREE - Password: 365OPL1 - March 5th @ 7:30PM GMT - €250 Added - Buyin €5.50 - Password: 365OPL2 (Double Points Special) - March 13th @ 7:30PM GMT - €350 Added - Buyin €5.50 - Password: 365OPL3 - March 20th @ 7:30PM GMT - €400 Added - Buyin €5.50 - Password: 365OPL4 - March 25th @ 7:30PM GMT - €1000 Added - Buyin €27.50 - Password: 365OPL5 (Double Points Special) Create a Bet365 account here to play! Leaderboard Prizes This season pays out the top 6 places in cash and room tickets. There is also a huge Unibet Open Copenhagen Package worth €2000 up for grabs for 1st place! -------------------- Online Poker League is open to everyone, even those who have existing accounts that are not affiliated with us. If you do not have an account at any of the rooms participating we ask that you help support the running of future OPL seasons by creating an account with us through the links above. Best of luck at the tables everyone and we will see you there! For more detailed information on how OPL works click here!
  18. Swap your Combat Points for cash! You earn $1 for every 100 Combat Points you exchange, with no maximum.
  19. Hello. We Buy&Sell bitcoins daily in bulk. Payments what we can receive&send are the next... *Western Union *Moneygram *Perfect Money *Webmoney *Litecoin *Skrill (old moneybookers) *Neteller About fees/rates we can talk via instant message service bcause all depends about bitcoin price in dealing time. Fast contact - ICQ: 690490649 Skype: rodrige.amin -look picture to be sure cuz u add right person, I seen cuz there are imposter tho. Cheers.
  20. We will have some scheduled downtime for maintenance tomorrow, Friday, February 24th, from 7:00am ET to 10:00am ET. We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.
  21. There is a song for you, Heyman ! "Hope never dies", is the name of it.
  22. but maby I can hope to get AA 49700 times and maby KK 300 times? maby I lose with aces five or six times...
  23. Prob(AA 50k times in a row) = 1/(a number with more than 100 000 digits). By the way any HM-player has a chance of (about) 40% to get two pairs or better. So: AA without any help on the board doesn't win every time.
  24. is it possible to get dealt AA 50K hands in a row?
  25. "You should play AA, the strongest hand, then you will win" or perhaps "then you will succeed (in your goal)"
  26. 你可以考虑玩aa,最强的卡,一定赢的
  27. lolol how many drug is viktor, so qute however
  28. Isildur1 busted holding QT vs charlottes A2
  29. Do you watch £10k Ambassadors SNG with isildur1,if not its on twitch unibet.
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