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  2. Isildur left without any action, minuts later raul sat down.. Guessing there will be action soon. Will be interesting to se if Raul has the balls to play same games as y-day.. I think not, Raul will only play games he belive he is stronger at. ONLY sitting at 8 game and 2-7, no H/L or limit hl
  3. Yesterday he won at least 100k but I don't think he won much more than that. He's back, waiting at 8g and FLO8
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  5. with missing results, Isil must be up way over 100k from y-days games
  6. Yesterday
  7. The tracker shows he’s up 78k in FLO8 but it’s Not in the live results
  8. 8g and other hands are also missing no?
  9. Did they say anything before leaving?
  10. I wonder what the stats are now for the last 8 hours, since Limit Holdem aint included.
  11. I havent railed limit holdem seense FTP had 2k/4k and 3k/6k limits with Ihatejuise/kagome kagome played it alot Kinda fun to watch, specially when Isil is winning
  12. Raul must be down quite alot, had to leave table to sit at new one.. He had 100k on table when 8 game finnish. Didnt have 40k on roll to sit down at 27 tripple draw.. atleast that what i think
  13. Fresh, like the morning after a rainstorm. Good luck Isildur1.
  14. Just what i thought.. Fresh tables
  15. Seems like the action is over, they left almost all tables.
  16. On monday ill be going back home to thailand. Want have to much time for internet or poker then. Ive been taking care of my parents house for a month now (holliday) Normally im only back in Sweden for 5 month working. i`ll be checking sometimes how it goes for Isil but thats it.. TY tho and good luck
  17. Please tell me your nickname on Twitch so I can moderate you in my channel.
  18. Isildur1 got 320k on the tables now... Must feel good Feels damn good to me anyway
  19. Totally missed the limit holdem.. but looks like it went great
  20. Viktor better have an ace up his sleeve, sitting at 4 tables right now, it's time to go swinging. Up, or down?
  21. I dont know if Isil is winning or not but it feels damn good to se him sitt with 150k on the tables Nice one there you might have saved it
  22. There is the 7+ hour session from yesterday, it doesn't include table names sadly, but if you can't get the tracking to work, someone, somewhere out there, someday might take the time to make a little counting.
  23. Thanks. I'm not blaming yourselves as highstakesdb have done a great job for many years all of which is free to us poker fans or should I put it isildur1 fans. I'm just a figure freak as I have a small bet with friend on isildur1 being the biggest winner on stars in 2017 and the mix is swings off 100ks.
  24. I understand. All I can say is that there will be some very serious and major improvements to the site in the near future. If you're able to bear with us a little while longer. In the meantime we will try as best we can to sort these issues out. Thanks for your patience.
  25. Not sure why isil dont sit back at the 8 game table. Sure he dont have 114k left to sit with (thats what he left with) but he could leave the H/L table and rejoin.. Maybe waiting for transfer to come in? Hope he kick as with raul today, its due....
  26. If you railed the whole match yday you can help HSDB with hand history.. Simple as that... New PS is not so easy to work with i guess
  27. It's getting to the point where it's getting pointless of any of us coming to this site as nothing is being tracked again in 8 game. I know highstakesdb do a great job but to have the same issue few days in a row without a fix or back up server is frustrating as it will effect the monthly and yearly biggest winners and losers of 2017.
  28. 8 game seemse to have been kind to isil, lost alot at H/L and had to leave 8 game table to be able to reload... won back 60k pretty fast now... Suck a fast up and down game
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