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  3. Wellllllll...... Played 300 in tourneys. Ran like poo aa<66. Kk<77. Etc. busted all but 1 which I final table for 150. Also win 300 at 5/10 plo. Got super tired an tilted after running how i did and a few 800-2k pots and I'm broke as a joke back to $14 online and 400 in the bank someone comfort me haha
  4. thanks for the updates and gl
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  6. So last night turned out to be pretty fun, I put $100 on Ignition poker 2 days ago to see how the site was, played $50 in mtts and $50 in cash, left cash with $250 left mtts with $400 so i had $650 total played 5/10 plo and lost it lol leaving myself with $14 bummer. the next day (yesterday) i went and played a $40 $10k gtd live busted AK <K10 on K104. then bought in again busted JJ<KK<AA lol. when i got home i loaded that $14 up for a $11 and a $3.30 mtt while playing i noticed i had $100 free play for casino games. ran to the slots hit a $25 spin for $800. played more til down to about $350 then his a $10 spin for $1700 after some free spins! my roll on the casino games was 2k, but it let me take $800 to poker but had to play the rest so i sat the 800 in poker bet up the last $1200 in slots with no luck. doubled the 800 at 5/10 plo and left with $1700. played about 5-6 mtts. was close to winning $1k in one but missed it by 4 spots. cashed about $150 in those total. meanwhile i won another $1k multi tabling 6 tables 10/20 5/10 3/6 2/4 1/2 and 1/2. haha could have been a bigger night but was fun tryin to cash out 1800. lets see what i can do Online roll - $900 Live roll- $500 ( soon to be $2300)
  7. not only that, after a win or 2 you get confidence as well when you get a good score.
  8. Last week
  9. Yeah I think its really good to press when you are running hot. Obv I don't think running hot yesterday, or all last month, means anything about how you'll run tomorrow, but most people just play so much better when they are on a good run.
  10. Look at Samrostan avatar picture. LOL. Its Isildur.
  11. isildur1 playing 50-100 and running it up a bit. lets go
  12. true i think shot taking should come with wins at lower limits. say you play $100 mtt with a $10k roll then cash for $3k. id def consider playing a $200-$500 tourney my biggest regret in recent years of poker was i went on a 10k upswing in mtts playing live, during that upswing i played the least amount of any year previously, i was playing well as if i knew what everyone had and on top of that i was running hot too. i stopped playing banked the win then played the next year and lost most of it not even getting it in bad most often i was far ahead but the run good was over and i lost. i should have hit it hard when i was running hot and trying to sling shot my winnings by taking more shots while i had the cash and heater going. oh well
  13. Not going broke isn't the only factor in BRM. If it was, then just not playing would be the optimal course of action. I think its fair to say that a profitable MTT player, with a $50k roll, would be leaving a lot of equity on the table if he/she refused to play anything over $100.
  14. I'm going to go wayyyy out on a limb and say the bold part is obviously and verifiably false.
  15. Raul doesn't want to give Isildur action unless they play deuce. So probably we'll see some 1/2k deuce soon
  16. 400/800 against Raul
  17. 50K BR for $100 mtt is way off, you sound insanely tilted those that have 50k rolls didnt earn it through $100 donkaments. MTTs are losing propositions to begin with quit playing them and just play cash. Even the best "tournament" players are broke. There are no winning tournament pros just professional piece sellers and mark up whores.
  18. i blew a $5k roll playing $40-$150 tournaments live in like no time at all, eventually your AK doesnt beat QQ or AQ or AJ or KQ, KJ etc. your small pairs dont beat overs and your overs dont beat small pairs, youll get it in with sets only to get hit by the flush open ender or even gut shot. top 2 vs bottom pair will lose etc. when you start running bad that money could go fast. i would say if your gonna play $100 mtts then youd need 50k if you wanna be certain you wont go broke. thats including money for bills like rent and car payments and stuff. if you are playing online i would recommend more $ then if you are playing live. with 10k online (pokerstars) id say you should play $3 rebuys, and then $11-$55 freeze outs. or what ever the buyin is for those at that level. then if you have good weeks or months id take a shot or 2 in some $100 bounty builders or whatever else thats good value, havent played in a while online so idk.
  19. Hello everyone! Hope your week was great! For BPC, it was an awesome week! We had 2 CFP finishers, and below you'll be able to read their interviews. First, I want to show you our top 3 for January, so far. In first place is one the of the CFP finishes I mentioned, "hugocabret": In second there is another NLHU Soldier student, "randomwalkin": In third place, closing the NLHU Soldier domination in the rankings, "marffi97": Interviews : As I said earlier, the coaching for profits programs had 2 finishes this week. Funny thing is that both are Estonians. So, here is the first one, Danel: You can read his interview HERE. And the second finisher is the leader in the rankings, Lauri "hugocabret" You can read his interview HERE.
  20. I think in general you want to have more than 100 buy -ins within your bankroll. I have MTT-player friends that have gone through 15k+ downswings with avg buy-in somewhere around 50-70. Obviously there is some 215 MTT's and so on which increases the variance if you run badly on them and better in lower ones.
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  22. Want to show off your poker knowledge? Just tell us which hand has more equity going into the river. Comment your answer using the #AmericasCardroom hashtag, Hand A or B.
  23. Basically you don't risk 1000$ "at once". You'd risk it at once if you played only one tournament for 1000$. It of course depends on your variance, on how often you make the money and your expected return of investment. And the most important factor is if it makes you nervous to play 10 mtts for one tenth of your bankroll at once. If it does make you nervous you won't play your best poker. If someone doesn't get nervous, it might be "correct" for him to play this way, if someone gets nervous and would tilt badly when he doesn't make the money in any of the 10 mtts, then it wouldn't be "correct" for him to play that way. You play your best poker when you don't fear losing the money. It's "correct" to play buy-ins that don't feel too expensive or too cheap. When too cheap you might gamble too much, because you don't take it too serious, and when too expensive you might get nervous and don't play your best poker as well.
  24. So i been playing MTTs for very long time but Always been regging upp for my holebr. And I was wondering how you should play correct bankroll managment. I wanna play 100 dollar mtts and I know you should have at least a 10k roll but I usally reg 10 mtts at once. So my question is it it high risk to risk 10% off your roll at once lika that or is it correct way to do?
  25. 1. its unlocked to search him again 2. he currently plays captaincube and seems to be up about 5k ish 3. i really hope he does grind higher stakes now and has a milly upswing again <3
  26. Spaise just won 70k which means there will be more 1/2k action soon. Let's see if Isildur is able to win some money again
  27. Isuldur can you not hide yourself from searches on PS, makes it hard to find you in game
  28. i dont think his strategy has changed that much, i just dont think he has access to the type of money he was before. in my opinion no matter whether isildur has $100k or $100m he will always be at risk of being busto even today.
  29. Like Lots said, it appears that the problem is contained to the isildur thread. No one is able to post there, but the rest of the forum is fine. We are in the process of making some changes to the forum, so its probably related to that. Our "isildur" has made a new temp isildur thread, so I hope that works for everyone in the mean time.
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