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  3. Don’t you hate when that happens at Full Tilt
  4. Last week
  5. Hi, I have just installed the trial version of Poker Tracker 4, and when I play poker on Party Poker, the player names (except mine) all appear as player 1, player2 etc, instead of their proper names. This is inconvenient at best and downright wrong at worst as the player stats become inaccurate when player 1 leaves the table and a new player sits at that spot, it keeps the original stats and adds to them, which cannot be correct. Has anyone else had this problem, what can I do about it. NOTE that I do not get this problem when playing on Full Tilt. This seems to work as I would expect. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- Small Business Video Marketing Company Thanks!
  6. Ok im so borred.. 19.38 in wtf? Didnt know Ivey was smoking?????
  7. Change of game thats what i think... If he just wanna gamble, do it on PLO right? 100k 4 tables 25/50 to start with
  8. poor isildur
  9. BACK AGAIN BUT AT 200/400..
  10. Obv Isil feels that he can win over Raven.. Maybe Isil has been running really bad and he knows that??? Keeps loosing tho
  11. but its been like this the whole week
  12. C`mon man... just 3 bi up.... its HU and remember varience is huge in this game while i wrote that not its just 1 bi..
  13. Raven is dominating isildur hard. I think he have studied isildur in a long time and uses program.
  14. Record fast -20k ish.. said brb He played some zoom too.. no idea how that went back again.... tilts me not knowing the rules on limit stud
  15. Isil vs raven last week or so, how much is raven up? Anyone that can Guess? Isil is back waiting
  16. Did they end up playing 4/8 yesterday? Ravenswood is online, we should have a game soon
  17. He is back waiting at 4/8 8 game table
  18. Isildur took his meat and bone/ made a clean sweep
  19. gameover won 18k froom him^^
  20. Vs realandybeal who has been running/playing very very good latley.. He has alot of cash in account so lets hope isil take sit all
  21. gg .left with 48k stack playing 200/400 8game now
  22. He also played limit hold em with yoghii at 1-200 and 200-400 in which he left with like 20kish last night.
  23. he was down 37k and was in for 20k playing 2 tables 200/400 but dunno with what he left -- currently a 25k stack playing 25/50 plo vs aku1206
  24. I saw him playing 200/400 last night and he's playing 25/50 deep ante plo right now
  25. He lost a bunch i guess?
  26. Down 37k todsy i think
  27. Isi just sat in at lower table and told raven he would get $ for 400/800 in a bit
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