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  3. partying and only had a mobile phone with me
  4. GG Isildur!!! Today is the 10k 8g event and tomorrow the Main Event. But most importantly he now has a 400-500k bankroll which means we'll see 1/2k 8g, 2-7, FLO8 and PLO action!
  5. Yesterday
  6. gg Isildur1 !
  7. wowwo nice double up isildur1. vamos vamos
  8. stream's live
  9. maybe we could have a discord
  10. twitch chat
  11. just out of curiosity .. why don't you watch on your own, why do you guys need a stream?
  12. Its the perfect amount deep enough to be confident short enough to not be to greedy
  13. I think isildur got the time wrong, he starts stream in 1 hour
  14. 56 bb is OK stack to do some damage LFG!
  15. Will stream start soon isildur? play continue !
  16. Hell finish numero uno friend!
  17. Where do you think he'll finish in the 25k? He's got a decent stack
  18. No work for me today
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  20. got some 100/200 8-game action as well as flhe tourney
  21. About what time,does,it start in in USA eastern. Id guess 3?
  22. There we go! LFG! getting this mofo up on the big screen 2night
  23. Going to sweat this hard... hope isi makes the top five, been awhile since he's had a truly massive score!
  24. nice! I was a bit disappointed that you did not stream the patypoker match tho
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