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  3. Jumpstart your Hump Day by playing in the Online Super Series (OSS). There are six more tourneys tomorrow, with the Featured Event a $40,000 GTD ($33 buy-in) at 3:30pm ET. See the full schedule here.Our Online Super Series (OSS) is picking up steam with the $1,000,000 GTD MILLION DOLLAR SUNDAY just days away!Also check here the schedule for THURSDAY with a Featured Event of $30,000 GTD ($66 buy-in) at 7:30pm ET.
  4. nah its cool im pretty much done mate, by the way i didnt accuse you of editing or deleting anything .gl if you play acr youre gonna need it .
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  7. Our Online Super Series was on fire yesterday with the $350,000 GTD Sunday Special. We resume TODAY with six more events, including the $60,000 Featured Event ($215 buy-in) at 8pm ET. See the full schedule here.Also check here the schedule for TUESDAY with a Featured Event of $20,000 GTD ($33 buy-in) at 8pm ET.
  8. I didn't edit or delete anyone's comments in this thread. You said what you wanted to say, the rep answered you. I'm just noting that this isn't the thread for this to continue in. If you really want to keep up with the talk about ACR'S RNG, or the RNG of any site, you can do it in the "rigged" thread, as much as you desire, and the same people that see this thread will see it.
  9. He's had a more or less break-even year so far, everything taken into account. He had quite a lot of action yesterday at 400/800 8-game but never got much going. Still playing a reasonable amount of tournaments. These days he plays average tournament buy-in of ~$220. He does well in these. Has been conservative with his bankroll overall, doesn't play more than 2 or 3 tables of cash. Doesn't battle regs much. In other words, there isn't any news. SCOOP will be exciting for isildur fanboys though
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  11. i appreciate that wc moderator .but the title of this thread is "americas cardroom official thread" ,not" americas cardroom official thread but dont say anything they might not want to hear thread"in my post i never mentioned the word rigged so you can retract that i did or anyone for that fact .he is promoting his site i am merely saying i have been playing poker semi professionally and pro for 5 and 1 year respectively and have not seen what i have seen on other sites at acr so its a warning to potential players to take heed. i feel thats my responsibility before good poker players deposit there hard earned an ecosystem where it is increasingly harder to eek out even a reasonable living from poker of socially enjoy oneself once in a while i feel i owe that to the public .gl and thats the last post i put here sorry mr wpn rep but you gotta take the good with the bad .
  12. Fair enough, but none of us wanted a response really. Atleast I don't need one and I don't think rookie cares either. There is nothing wpn can say that would satisfy me or anyone really. They have to toe the company line. I don't believe Internet Poker is rigged, but have strong suspicions that wpn isn't on the total up and up. I just find that people's greed out ways even a good business sense much less a moral obligation to do the right thing. So I may be projecting a bit, but if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, it's probably a duck. I will try to make this my last comment on the matter.
  13. If anyone wants to vent about a site being rigged, then you can do it in the rigged thread The WPN rep gave a courteous answer to the question, they shouldn't have to continually address this.
  14. Just watched Lappy on twitch run into aces twice in two different tourneys and lose, then get his aces cracked in less than a minute. Just painful to watch. Site is action based pain.
  15. Yea this is what we got in America. It's feels crooked when I win too. I understand heaters, but if ACR is true poker then I give up, and basically have. I find it interesting that they have no real regs except Russians and a few others. They can't keep steady customers because they suck or poker does? I'm sure players have multi accounts on other skins, but as far as cash games I don't see repeat customers. Like I said before though, no one really cares, but if we get real options back in america, ACR will feel it hard. I can't see anyone keeping loyalty to them. You can even watch Lappy freak out quit often like the rest of us at the weirdness of the cards. Don't know why I still find poker interesting, disease perhaps, but it seems like it's popularity in America is shot. And a s far as pros, who are there to look up to, they are all degens. Sorry got a bit off topic but they all are really connected. Poker is throwing money away and really is not that fun, unless hanging with the family or friends.
  16. The 12-Day Online Super Series has been getting great reviews by new and old players alike! Tomorrow’s Featured Event is a $25,000 GTD ($55 buy-in) at 7pm ET. See the CORRECT full schedule here. Please notice that the #19 event is at 4:00 pm ET.Also check here the schedule for SUNDAY with a Featured Event of $350,000 GTD Sunday Special ($320 buy-in) at 3pm ET.
  17. On SUNDAY will be the mother of all Sunday Specials (3pm ET)! We’ve supersized the $150,000 GTD event up to a huge $350,000. It’s all part of our $5,700,000 #OSSCub3d that’s running through May 7th.
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  19. There are a bunch of reasons to favor action flops and bad beats. But who the fuck cares, your site does seem to favor action but wtf ever.
  20. Usually I quit for some time after losing 3-4, but got pretteh drunk juan time and didn't give a f*ck ended up losing bout 18-20...
  21. The Online Super Series continues on Friday with six more tourneys. Tomorrow’s Featured Event is a $30,000 GTD ($88 buy-in) at 8pm ET. See the full schedule here.Also check here the schedule for SATURDAY with a Featured Event of $25,000 GTD ($55 buy-in) at 7pm ET.
  22. Hi again Unfortunately prior to reintroducing the 25/50 games we had not been tracking them since 2012 or so. Yes I'm pretty sure they would have made a significant difference to certain players graphs. At least we can catch them going forward
  23. Guys I wonted to write this already a week ago, anyway... BIG BIG BIG compliment for the decision to add 25/50 games in your tracking. Those games are obv the highstakes now a days, even though its kind of sad for the railbirds. You ones mentioned that pokerstars didnt wont you to track (or publicize?) those games. As you obv do not worry about that anymore, I wonder if you plan to add former results for those games to the players graphs? I bet this would change some graphs Again, thanks for your ongoing efforts to entertain the Railbirds!!
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  27. The second leg of the $5,700,000 GTD OSS Cub3d has begun with the Online Super Series. Tomorrow’s Featured Event is a big $125,000 GTD ($109 buy-in) at 3:30pm ET. See the full schedule here.Also, you can check here the schedule for THURSDAY with a Featured Event of $150k GTD ($450 buy-in) at 8:30pm ET.
  28. We are very sorry about the way you feel, but it is worth saying that we do not have any interest on having a player win or lose since you basically play against others and not against the house. Our software is certified and is not selective; plus it cannot be manipulated since we are licensed by an international online poker software provided. This poker software has been configured to deal cards randomly based on a very complex mathematical algorithm which do not allow manipulation in favor or against any player. Players all around the world suffer bad luck streaks, which is considered as normal. Aside from that, luck and the shuffle of the cards make Poker a combination on skill and luck. We understand your frustration in this moment, but bad beats are not intentionally produced by our software; sometimes it is a matter of luck. Click here to check our RNG by iTech labs.
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