• Matt Glantz
    Matt Glantz 4m ago

    @TheTmay @abarber1 @davidtuthill Correct. But would like to see it in the immediate future.

  • Matt Glantz
    Matt Glantz 9m ago

    @davidtuthill Forward thinking is just not your thing Tutty. It never has been.

  • Daniel Negreanu
    Daniel Negreanu 24m ago

    RT @statsman22: 'PuckCast with Statsman and AJ - 2/20/18' by @RotoWire Fantasy Hockey Podcast https://t.co/Xb16pfVsdX https://t.co/WE50tV4…

  • Sorel Mizzi
    Sorel Mizzi 25m ago

    @VerthagOG Hello?

  • Matt Glantz
    Matt Glantz 25m ago

    @jesswelman Something that we haven't seen before from any conservative on this issue. Something in line with common sense.