Sauce1234’s high stakes results

Most played game:
Omaha PL

Sauce1234’s latest opponents

Photo Nickname Real name Winnings
Carlooo13 Carlo van Ravenswoud $2,553,791
Rui Cao Rui Cao -$517,187
Isildur1 Viktor Blom -$4,740,045
liverpoolfc0985 Unknown -$203,904
Ingenious89 Jens Kyllönen $222,240

Sauce1234’s biggest pots

Cards Game Pot size
PLO (400/800) $400,403
NLHE (400/800) $394,057
PLO (400/800) $379,021
PLO (400/800) $357,592
PLO (400/800) $351,322

Sauce1234’s latest news

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