Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen’s high stakes results

Most played game:
Omaha PL

Gus Hansen’s latest opponents

Photo Nickname Real name Winnings
Carlooo13 Carlo van Ravenswoud $2,553,791
Isildur1 Viktor Blom -$4,740,045
Rui Cao Rui Cao -$517,187
liverpoolfc0985 Unknown -$203,904
XiaoXiao123 Unknown $24,031

Gus Hansen’s biggest pots

Cards Game Pot size
PLO (500/1k) $537,750
PLO (500/1k) $478,289
NLHE (500/1k) $446,966
PLO (500/1k) $388,072
NLHE (500/1k) $380,463

Gus Hansen’s latest news

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Danish legend is back at his favourite Bobby’s Room
Yesterday 12:50 PM

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Cort Kibler-Melby made more than $3million battling against the best in the world
December 2, 2018

Steffen Sontheimer Scoops $3,685,000 SHR Caribbean Poker Party Win

It’s supposed to be Gus Hansen doing the great Winter spiel, but Germany’s Steffen Sontheimer took over the duties
November 16, 2018

A Great Winter is Coming, but Gus Hansen May be Leaving Early!

Gus' summer and fall adventures are making way for what he says will be a ‘Great Winter’
November 16, 2018