pr1nnyraid’s high stakes results

Most played game:
Hold'em NL

pr1nnyraid’s latest opponents

Photo Nickname Real name Winnings
XiaoXiao123 Unknown $24,031
LarsLuzak Sami Kelopuro -$3,006,948
Follow The Hawk Unknown $908,400
SmitjeSmee Unknown -$43,231
POKERBLUFFS David ELdar $1,622,588

pr1nnyraid’s biggest pots

Cards Game Pot size
NLHE (500/1k) $585,009
NLHE (500/1k) $400,000
NLHE (500/1k) $375,019
NLHE (500/1k) $326,259
NLHE (500/1k) $287,991

pr1nnyraid’s latest news

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