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  • OtB_RedBaron Wins $129k at $100/$200 NLHE

    The highstakes action over at Full Tilt slowed to a trickle yesterday with Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene's $46k win at $200/$400 PLO being the biggest score of the day, with the only six figure winner coming from the NLHE tables of PokerStars. OtB_RedBaron made the biggest profit yesterday with a $129.1k coming from the $100/$200 NLHE ring games.

  • The Million Dollar High Stakes Online Poker Winners of 2012 - Part 1

    Learn about all the high stakes players who profited $1M or more in 2012

  • The Big $200/$400 PLO Games Back at PokerStars - Barcode Wins $233k

    After a couple of slower days over at PokerStars with the days biggest winners coming at from the tables of Full Tilt, the $200/$400 PLO ring games were back in full flow yesterday morning with huge six figure pots being traded all over the place. Inevitably Ilari FIN and Barcode were at the centre of the action alongside the likes of Sam "tr1cky7" Trickett, patpatman, Rafi "refaelamit" Amit, RaiseOnce and Alexey “LuckyGump” Makarov in a session which saw some massive swings.

  • October Online Review - Million Dollar Months for Ilari FIN & Barcode

    We certainly saw plenty of great high stakes online action in October with big performances at some point from all the great players including Ilari FIN, Isildur1, Sauce123, Barcode, RaiseOnce, Ben86 - as, particularly towards the end of the month the $200/$400 PLO tables gave us some big results and big swings. The net result was a $1.6 million win for Ilari FIN and a $1.19m win for Barcode.

  • A Good Day For Skjervøy Who Wins $162.5k at PLO

    It's not been the best year for PLO specialist Andreas "Skjervøy" Torbergsen who has struggled to find any consistent form of late. However, yesterday saw him rise above the parapet and lay claim to the days biggest win as he grinded out close to 5,000 hands at the $25/$50 and $50/$100 PLO tables to earn himself a $162.5k payday and to top the daily leader board in the process.

  • Isildur1 Tops Daily Leaderboard with $209k Win

    It may be a rare occurence of late but yesterday saw newly recruited Full Tilt Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom top the high stakes leader board at PokerStars after some evening sessions of FLO8 went his way.

  • GVOZDIKA55 Has A +$200k Day & is up Over $500k This Week

    Russian player Vladimir "GVOZDIKA55" Shchemelev has had a great week at the limit tables and after his $203.5k win yesterday moves to over $550k in profit for the week and is fast approaching a million dollar profit for the year at the PokerStars high stakes tables.

  • The First Week Of October - Barcode Prevails after Isildur1 Tears up the Tables

    The first week of October has seen some big wins by some big names as we saw a return to form for the likes of RaiseOnce (Phil Ivey?) and Isildur1 among others. RaiseOnce came into October right off the back of a big $372k win on the last day of September and looked to continue his run of form into October - something he would need to do if he wanted to erase the negative figure he has seen plaguing his 2012 figures for the vast majority of the year. Happily for the high stakes pro his form has indeed held up as he put in a series of good performances, including 2 six figure wins, during the first week of October.

  • Ben86 Wins $216k at PLO - Up $2m in 2 Months

    Ben86's great run of form is showing no sign of letting up yet as he put in another multiple six figure win yesterday, winning $215.8k playing high stakes PLO yesterday. His winnings since this time two months ago have no surpassed the $2 million mark, more than twice that of the second biggest winner in the same timespan, Odd_Oddsen who has taken just over a million.

  • Ilari FIN Finds Some Form - Wins $340k

    It's been a pretty glum online year for Ilari "Ilari FIN" Sahamies who has spent the vast majority of 2012 in the red to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars. There have however been a number of occasions during which the aggro Finn has fought back hard at the nosebleed PLO tables and racked up substantial wins to put himself among the contenders. Close to a million dollars down in 2012 before yesterday began Ilari stole the show at the tables on Wednesday winning $340.2k in a little over three hours at the $200/$400 PLO tables.

  • Ilari FIN Finds a Welcome Win and danita332789 Wins $147k at PLO

    It's been a torrid month for Ilari FIN but yesterday saw some well needed respite from his latest downswing as he pulled out a $132k win in 449 hands of $50/$100 PLO. Also peforming well was newcomer danita332789 who scooped a $147k payday.

  • March review - MrSweets28 dominates the month winning $1.3 million

    Phil Galfond has an amazing month recovering from his million dollar downswing.

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