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  • Viktor "Isildur1" Blom Wins $800k at Full Tilt Poker

    There was only one big story at the online high stakes tables yesterday as Isildur1 dominated the games to end the day a $797.9k winner over six hours of play.

  • duubadaaba Wins $99k at PokerStars on a Slow Day at the Tables

    The slow week of high stakes action continued yesterday as the nosebleed games seem to have ground to a halt over the past few days. There were barely any hands played over at Full Tilt, with the vast majority of the top 20 winners/losers yesterday coming from the tables of PokerStars - something that would have been almost unthinkable just a week or so ago

  • punting-peddler Wins Back A Million in 3 day - Takes $386k In NLHE & Mixed Games

    It seems that after a calamitous week at the tables, punting-peddler's determination to make amends is certainly paying dividends as he booked his third consecutive table topping performance yesterday as he won another $386.1k - taking his three day total to over $1m.

  • Poker_KaMI Fights Back - Wins $410k Playing Mixed Games

    After what can only be described as a bit of a disastrous week for Poker_KaMI, the unmasked player fought back yesterday to bring himself within touching distance of breaking even for the year with a $409.9k score at the high stakes tables of Full Tilt yesterday.

  • SallyWoo Wins $250k & Goes Over $1m in Profit for 2013

    2013 is proving to be a real shot in the arm for the online highstakes poker world with big six figure wins almost a guarantee for any given day. Yesterday was another great day for FLO8 specialist SallyWoo who's $260k win puts him over $1m in profit for the 17 short days in the current year. Even so, he is still only the fourth biggest winner this year with three other seven figure winners ahead of him in Ben "Bttech86" Tollerene, Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom topping the list of biggest winners.

  • Alexonmoon and SallyWoo Take Advantage as Gus Hansen Loses his Momentum

    In an almost carbon copy of last month Gus Hansen was enjoying an amazing week, winning over $1 million over the course of four days - only to give it all back again in one monster session. The biggest benefactors of Hansen's steaming session at the triple draw and FLO8 and tables were Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau (+$452.6k) and SallyWoo (+$434.6k).

  • Ben Sulsky Has a Half Million Dollar Day

    After losing over $2m to Isildur1 at the PLO tables in the past week Ben "Sauce123(4)" Sulsky will be happy to post a >$500k score yesterday. He did so through a combination of his PokerStars account and Full Tilt. For the first time in a long while it was in fact a PokerStars account which enjoyed the biggest winning day as Sulsky, playing as "Sauce123" posted a $353.3k win.

  • Isildur1 Wins $500k & Crushes Sauce1234 & durrrr Along the Way

    Isildur1 recouped the entire $1/2 million he lost in Wednesday's games yesterday with another exhilarating display of power poker. Despite losing $550k during the day playing Omaha hi lo he was still able to turn a massive profit after destroying Tom "durrrr" Dwan for over $300k at the triple draw tables and annihilating Ben "Sauce1234" Sulsky for over $730k in some heads up triple draw and PLO action.

  • The Million Dollar High Stakes Online Poker Winners of 2012 - Part 1

    Learn about all the high stakes players who profited $1M or more in 2012

  • December Recap - Seb86 Has a Seven Figure Month - davin77 & SallyWoo Not Far Behind

    The final month of the year produced some of the biggest winning scores of the year with one player topping the million dollar win mark with two others close behind. Topping the list was draw specialist Sebastien "Seb86" Sabic who won an impressive $1.06 million win, followed by PLO star davin77 on $972.2k and Omaha Hi Lo player SallyWoo on $945.7k. All players come from the tables of Full Tilt Poker.

  • Good Weekend So Far For Scott "mastrblastr" Seiver - Up $474k

    Once again it has been the limit games over at Full Tilt which have dominated proceedings at the online high stakes tables over the past couple of days with Scott "mastrblastr" Seiver leading the way with a $474.5k win yesterday mainly at the $1k/$2k 2-7 Triple Draw tables with more at the $500/$1000 Mixed Game.

  • davin77 Is Up $1 million On Full Tilt Since Relaunch - Wins $225k Wednesday

    Full Tilt Poker has been good to davin77 since its relaunch back in October and another big win yesterday put him up over $1m on the site this year - the first player to do so.

  • Full Tilt Provides The Big Winners Again - no_Ola Wins $120k at PLO

    Once again the $200/$400 CAP PLO games were running over at Full Tilt, providing some of the biggest winners of the day, chiefly last weeks biggest winner davin77 who made back a lot of yesterdays $163k win as he took back $117.3k. However, it was no_Ola over at the $25/$50 tables who ended the days biggest winner, flexing his muscles both heads up and six max to the tune of $120.6k.

  • The $200/$400 CAP PLO Games Return To Full Tilt as Sam "S3 TRX" Trickett Wins $307k

    After a few very slow days at the online high stakes tables at PokerStars and Full Tilt the popular FT $200/$400 CAP PLO games came back with a vengeance yesterday, leaving some big winners & losers in their wake. The biggest winner of all was UK high roller Sam "S3 TRX" Trickett who took home $307k, closely followed by Schoitl who won just short of $280k.

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