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The highest stakes games online (often referred to as “the nosebleeds”) are played by the poker elite. If you like, this is the real “Premier League” of poker as the best players around tend to gravitate towards the biggest action. These games, much as any other poker cash game however, are not exclusive to the top players so anyone with enough money can find themselves a seat and play for big money against the game’s biggest names. Every day you’ll find world famous poker stars and names such as Phil Ivey, Isildur1, Durrrr, Gus Hansen, Phil Galfond and others battling it out for astronomical sums at “the nosebleeds” where half million dollar daily swings are commonplace.

HighstakesDB is dedicated to bring the best and most up to date information and news regarding poker played for high stakes. The website monitors the biggest poker games played online and displays data from the ongoing games in real time while also keeping track of all the results in its unique database. These high stakes poker results go back over half a decade and will show you the individual results for all poker players that have been seen playing at these stakes from then until now. All is stored in such a way that not only is it possible to view the total tally for each player, but also how they have fared in each poker game variant, such as Pot Limit Omaha, Texas Hold'em, Draw and Mixed Games.

When watching the high stakes matches as they take place in the online poker rooms, the live results will let you know how the players are doing and what games they play. The service will show exactly how much the poker players have won or lost in that particular session. Features include replays of recent big pots, all tables where there are games, the players' results and all sessions they have played for the selected time period.

Poker News
While most that is published on this website primarily focuses on high stakes poker, HighstakesDB aims to keep readers up to date with the latest poker news from around the world. Besides the high stakes reports in which you read about the biggest poker winners and the most exciting pots, you'll also find regular tournament updates, player interviews, as well as more general poker news from both Internet poker and poker played in landbased casinos. To let visitors see the latest that's being said in the world of high stakes, the poker twitter service collects tweets from a vast number of high stakes players and well-known figures within poker and shows them all in one place.

Poker Players and Big Pots
The high stakes tracking service automatically creates a player profile for each poker player that plays a hand on the monitored stakes. To find specific players, visitors can easily use the search feature that is located in the top right-hand corner of the website, or by using the lists under the poker players section of the website. Each profile holds the the results for the specific player, the biggest pots they've been involved in and oftentimes some background information about the person behind the screen name. All big hands the players have been involved in are available for replay.

Poker Deals
Readers and members of the Highstakes Database are always offered the very best in terms of rakeback and bonus offers. Every month there are thousands of dollars to compete for in exclusive rake races, money added tournaments and other rewarding promotions. All visitors can take part in these, and at the same time claim the poker deals and rakeback rewards, simply by signing up with the poker rooms and services HighstakesDB has partnered up with.

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High stakes twitter

High stakes twitter

Christian Harder  13 hours 23 minutes ago
@Jeff_Ermann did Brandon Ross' family pay to get on the ballot?
FullTiltPoker  13 hours 36 minutes ago
The pay-out isn't bad either. http://t.co/kKTETWsJEy
Daniel Negreanu  13 hours 48 minutes ago
@Lance_Bradley haha nooooooo!!!!
Liv Boeree  13 hours 55 minutes ago
RT @ColleteDavis: We had a blast last night playing poker with @liv_boeree & huckleberryseed !! maitairacing… http://t.co/39HFutSXDz
Joe Ingram  14 hours 7 minutes ago
@bullymanzano @DonkPredator @GregMerson damn this sucks, he did the same thing to my old roommate in vancouver and to some degree myself

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