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In HighstakesDB's reports we keep you up to date with the high stakes poker play online. See who is doing well, who is doing not so good or watch replays of the biggest or most interesting pots that have been played.

The high stakes reports are published daily and usually covers the previous day, or sometimes a summary of the past week or month.

Recent reports

PostflopAction & samrostan Top Sunday's Big Winners
Once again the mixed games and 2-7 Triple Draw tables made up the biggest highstakes action over at Full Tilt yesterday, with PostflopAction and samrostan emerging as the day's only six figu...
Today 7:09 PM
samrostan Wins $465k After a Great Day at the 8-Game tables
Macau based pro samrostan rescued his week somewhat with a big win at Full Tilt's 8-Game tables yesterday, ending the day up $465.3k after playing 3,147 hands.
Saturday 5:47 PM
Hansen The Only Big Winner With Huge $731k Profit
Gus Hansen bounced back again yesterday with a big win at the Triple Draw and 8-Game tables. After an industrious morning at the tables, The Great Dane had won over $730,000.
Friday 2:39 PM
PostflopAction & FinddaGrind Lead the Way in a Big Day at the Noebleeds
The action at the 8-Game and 2-7 Triple Draw tables seems to be attracting more and more players each day, and yesterday saw a good amount of action at the highest stakes at both games yeste...
Thursday 3:10 PM
SanIker, MrSweets28, & Kagome Kagome The Biggest Winners on a Slower Day
After a good few weeks of big action at the nosebleed tables of Full Tilt, yesterday's games slowed down a little, with only a few hours play at the 2-7 TD and 8-Game tables. The big winners...
Wednesday 3:44 PM
Crazy Elior & Gus Hansen Head Monday's Big Winners
After a singularly unspectacular start to the year, Brit pro Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion finally has something to shout about. His leaderboard topping $430.9k win yesterday puts him up $776k in...
Tuesday 4:49 PM
Big Weekend Wins for Denoking, Gus Hansen, and FinddaGrind
It was a good weekend at the highstakes tables for NLHE specialist Denoking, and veteran highstakes star and Full Tilt Pro, Gus Hansen.
Monday 8:07 PM
Big Winners In All The Games
For once there wasn't a single poker variant which dominated proceedings yesterday, as we saw big games at the 2-7 TD, FLO8, NLHE, and 8-Game tables, with decent winners at each.
August 23, 2014
Alexonmoon & PostflopAction Win Big at the 8-Game
The 8-Game action over at Full Tilt continued yesterday, with Alex "Alexonmoon" Luneau back at the top of the daily leader board with a $293.6k win.
August 22, 2014
Revenge for Haxton & Isildur1 Wins Again
August 21, 2014
Big Win For Isildur1 - Up Nearly $1m In last 24 Hours
After a terrible past 30 days, Full Tilt Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has finally made another big score to please his fans and boost his bankroll, ended yesterday with a $617.9k win.
August 20, 2014
Educa-p0ker Beats Trueteller at NLHE & taktloss47 up $1/2m in 2 Days
For the first time in a while the biggest winner at the nosebleeds yesterday came from the tables of PokerStars, as Educa-p0ker bested Trueteller in a three hour heads-up match at the $50/$1...
August 19, 2014
Big Win for taktloss47 as SanIker Stumbles
There's no denying it's been a great summer so far for German pro SanIker, but yesterday he suffered a bit of a setback after losing close to $400k to fellow countryman Seb "taktloss47" Ruth...
August 18, 2014
$300k Score Puts Cates Up Close to $3m this year at Full Tilt
August 17, 2014
Hansen Wins Again - Up Over Half a Million in Two Days
The swingometer has been working overtime since Gus Hansen's return to highstakes online poker two weeks ago, and after yesterday's $275.7k win his is now back in profit since his return, sh...
August 16, 2014
Gus Hansen Back On Top With $236k Win
Gus Hansen's mini-revival continued yesterday as he topped the highstakes daily leaderboard after some morning success at the 2-7 TD and 8-Game tables.
August 15, 2014
SanIker On Top Again With $1/4m Triple Draw Win
After a great end to July, and a less than great start to August, German pro SanIker has finally regained the ground he lost earlier in the month and its back up to a $1.8m profit since mid-...
August 14, 2014
Denoking Beats Ike
After suffering a big loss to jungleman12 just over a week ago, NLHE specialist Denoking took on another of the world's best yesterday in Ike "luvtheWNBA" Haxton, this time coming out on top...
August 13, 2014
PostflopAction & punting-peddler Grab +$400k Wins at the 8-Game Tables
With the 8-Game nosebleed action at Full Tilt currently running around the clock there were thousands more hands played yesterday between some of the biggest names in online poker. The bigge...
August 12, 2014
samrostan & Full Tilt Pro's Get Back On Track
After a few miserable days, samrostan, Gus Hansen, and Isildur1 were all among the big winners from yesterdays nosebleed games at Full Tilt.
August 11, 2014
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