• ZeeJustin
    ZeeJustin 59m ago

    RT @Liv_Boeree: The current @gpl standings, nbd ?? https://t.co/VsjjmUsnQL

  • Jonathan Little

    @JerryLopezGolf I believe I have one but I could be wrong. I will try with a different one and see how it goes. Thanks!

  • Annie Duke
    Annie Duke 17m ago

    The key to having a successful day is to create structure and a set schedule. RETWEET if you agree! https://t.co/G12Jb4d7yJ

  • Jonathan Little
    Jonathan Little 43m ago

    RT @ShareMyPair: Very pleased to announce @ShareMyPair @YouStake marketing partnership. Together, we'll make your @WSOP experience great! D…

  • Jonathan Little
    Jonathan Little 44m ago

    @philariganello I don't know. It got much less quiet when I removed docking station but it is still exists.