• David Williams
    David Williams Friday 03:47

    ?? #WSOPMainEvent https://t.co/wrA4hyO9gs

  • David Williams
    David Williams Friday 03:46

    I love poker twitter during the #WSOPMainEvent. Everyone is on fire. https://t.co/zXB0ycOPLr to follow along.

  • Jonathan Little
    Jonathan Little Friday 03:45

    New Podcast WeeklyPokerHand157: I make top set but get bet into on a scary river. https://t.co/Kowg2O68bD https://t.co/4BeXyjjOkn

  • Mike Matusow
    Mike Matusow Friday 03:43

    Tough to misplay a hand on everystreet but Scott Blumstein just found away! Go Hesp #WSOPMainEvent2017

  • Liv Boeree
    Liv Boeree Friday 03:41

    Hi, I'm looking for pavilion green 234... wait what https://t.co/i9NnlwLHbQ