• RaSZi
    RaSZi 16m ago

    Full week of TCOOP streaming. Lets start with a bang. Also innovated homegame and new sub badges. Much nice. Live https://t.co/NFvUBRr9TB

  • !P0krparty¡
    !P0krparty¡ 28m ago

    "Serious poker is no more about gambling than rock climbing is about taking risks." - Alfred Alvarez https://t.co/dKihqY3LRU

  • David

    @TheSaurus831 Never stops, every time i login you getting the cheese.

  • Sam Trickett
    Sam Trickett 43m ago

    @campbellclaret @gugantheblue it's that game poker.U know the game we spoke about for ur book ?

  • RaSZi
    RaSZi 44m ago

    @ChritterBug3 haha thanks, just catching up on all the msgs