• Matt Glantz
    Matt Glantz 2018 Feb 23

    @jackiburkhart81 4 teachers out of 800 students is "every" classroom??? Is your response "practical" or are you ju… https://t.co/ecSGFVgXpw

  • Annie Duke
    Annie Duke 2018 Feb 23

    Looking forward to joining @BeckyQuick on @CNBC tomorrow, LIVE at 10:45 A.M. EST! #ThinkingInBets https://t.co/8eLIswIa1I

  • Joe Ingram
    Joe Ingram 2018 Feb 23

    @RealKidPoker @Team_Josh122 @andrewneeme @PokerNews @DougPolkPoker Lol I'll see you downstairs in an hour, we can… https://t.co/GzfQeejl5N

  • Jonathan Little
    Jonathan Little 2018 Feb 23

    It has been awesome! Tune in tonight at 7pm PT/10pm ET for what is sure to be a sweet $10/$25 game. https://t.co/Uiw8FLk3gK

  • Annie Duke
    Annie Duke 2018 Feb 23

    RT @reason: Watch/listen: @AnnieDuke talks about smart bets in life, politics, and football https://t.co/0wRyg9Ksn6